Survivor All Stars 2/19

I realize it’s only an hour long, and even less than that when commercials are taken into account, but I can’t believe some of the omissions. During Chapera’s search for the key, Sue wasn’t shown once. She’s only been shown off to the side, and if she really is separating herself from the tribe for the most part, why haven’t they done a diary entry on this?

During the Mogo Mogo IC challenge, I saw Lex snap at Colby, and wondered how much of that was just a “hurry, hurry” non-personal thing. Then at the end, when they came up with the immunity, Kathy was shown jumping on Colby, and then it later cut to a group hug. Colby still looked upset, and he actually shrugged off Lex’s arm and walked away from the group hug. We are shown Lex and Colby working together and seeming to get along, so what was all that about?

I’m guessing Mogo Mogo’s night in the storm wasn’t shown to make room for the Amber/Robfather romance, but I would have liked to see a brief shot of their night, too, instead of just the loss of fire. No idea in that tribe if there’s some tentative alliances. Saw the talk of women against men in the beginning, but where’s that at now? Have an idea with Saboga and Chapera, but pretty much in the dark with Mogo Mogo.

As much as I don’t like to say it, Boston Rob’s move to backstab Rob C. was brilliant. I’ve liked that tribe since I started the season - despite hating Boston Rob in the past. I didn’t want to see Rob C. go, but if I were Boston Rob, that’s exactly what I would have done. Doing so prevented Rob C. from looking for a different alliance (with Sue), and made himself the point-man for their conversations.

I didn’t see the Shi-Ann season, but I have to say that she completely underwhelms me. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot going on upstairs with that one. Am I getting the wrong impression?

Am I the only one who thinks Rob C. is an idiot as opposed to a “nice, smart guy”? I think we all agree that Boston Rob hasn’t got two brain cells to rub together, but the guy has made himself valuable and seems to have some idea about how to play the game.

Rob C. on the other hand, uses his “smarts” as an excuse to sit on his ass while everyone else works, misinterprets a simple direction and spends an afternoon digging a hole in the beach, and when a challenge comes along that is clearly a puzzle, decides to sit it out and watch his temmates futz it up.

Smarts, in and of themselves, are a pretty worthless thing. I have yet to see the challenge where they take the SAT test.

This was a really good episode. One of my favorites.

In the openning scenes I could hardly contain myself thinking of what Rupert’s hobbit-hole was going to look like. I wasn’t disapointed. And it was great to see Chapera lose the IC, although I was hoping they’d get rid of Sue. They need to subtitle Big Tom’s comments, although I doubt he ever has anything to say that I’d care to hear anyway.

Rob C. has been one of the players I’ve liked the best. I agree that Boston Rob got rid of him because he was a threat. But how can that tribe survive with BR as the leader…? Sheesh, the guy is an idiot.

John, that idiot is the only person in the entire contest who knew how to quickly bail out a sinking canoe (certainly not a difficult task, but 14 out of 15 didn’t know how). And I’ve questioned him ever since he first appeared a year ago, but he’s doing suprising well in a leadership position.

Lamar - I dunno. His strategy in his first season was to lay low and play dumb. It worked out extremely well, and it thinned out the competition to let his strengths shine. His style of play is fairly useless in this sort of contest, though.

However, if they do pull an “Outcasts” twist, and he makes it back, he’ll have an excellent chance of advancing. Especially if it’s after the merge.

Boston Rob is doing too well. He’s shown as being good at the challenges, firmly in control of the tribe, thwarting the “smart one” (Rob C) and getting the girl … all by Episode 4.

The people who get that sort of treatment in the editing room don’t usually make it to the end: instead they get a “what goes up must go down” storyline and get kicked out 2/3 of the way through – kinda like Rupert last season. So I think Boston Rob’s get a boot in his future (though probably not for 2-3 more episodes.)

To me that just sounds like whiny botching from the “best player to never win” trying to explain how was outplayed by the Robfather.

As I’ve said before, I was never overly impressed by Rob Cesterino. Sure he was the secret leader on Survivor: Amazon, but that was probably the dumbest group in the show’s history. Being the collie in that flock of sheep didn’t take too much mental effort.

Shii Ann was a manipulator in her tribe, but it came back to bite her on the ass. She alienated other members of her tribe who thought she was too scheming, especially when everybody mistakenly thought the tribes had merged and she indicated she was going to form a new alliance. So she may be consciously trying to avoid giving an impression of scheming this time around. Or it could be the simpler explanation that there hasn’t been any reason to plot - not having lost an immunity challenge, the Mogo Mogo’s can afford to all be friends.