Survivor All Stars 2/19

Who’s on the way out tonight ?
How will Jeanna’s leaving affect the players ?

Chapera- If they go to Tribal Council, I think Rob C. is going to go, he just doesn’t seem like he fits in with anyone there.

Saboga-I think Rupert will go. I like the guy, but he screwed up big time last week.

Mogo Mogo-This is a tough one. Maybe Shi-Ann. I get the feeling that Colby is tight with Rich and Lex and Kathy, so that leaves her out.

I also think that Rob C. will get the boot if Chapera goes to T.C.

Saboga-Rupert the big baby should go home first for his stupid idea of building a bomb shelter hut, but I think with his fishing abilities that feed the tribe and his stench that probably scares away all the insects, I’m banking on Jerri leaving first if they go to T.C.

Mogo Mogo-Hmmm not sure here who will leave. I’m thinking they’ll turn on Richard because of his attitude and the fact that he’s a previous winner. I’m not so sure that Colby is on good terms with Richard. He made another homophobic comment this past week about Richard to something of the tune of: “Richard’s a stud, well if you can call a gay guy a stud.” WTF does that mean Colby? Use to like him but no more.

The blurb in the TV section today says, “Cooperation dumbfounds a player hoping to employ her feminine wiles.”
I wonder who that is? Amber? Jenna? Surely not Shii-Ann.
Who is dumb enough to think you can coast through All-Stars on “feminine wiles”?

I hope Rob C. doesn’t go yet; I like him. I don’t think Rupert will go just yet.
Spoilerish speculation, not a real spoiler:

Based on his comment at the Pearl Islands Reunion, that he “knew he could beat that guy,” in reference to Richard Hatch, I assume Rupert leaves after Richard. Just my two cents worth.

I’m sure that’s the strategy that would have been employed by Jenna Morasca, had she not left. This is not a kick-Jenna-while-she’s-down kind of reaction, either – she seldom employed any other strategies in her Survivor tenure.

By the way, various boot lists making the rounds may NOT be set in stone. There is some debate as to whether or not one particular list (made popular by its FREQUENT posting at Ain’t It Cool News) may or may not have been circulated by…dun dun DAHHHH…Mark Burnett himself. :slight_smile:

Still, there’s little debate as to who tonight’s bootee is. Swipe below if you really want to spoil it for yourself.

[SPOILER]Chapera heads to Tribal Council for the first time tonight. As much as I’d like to say Amber the Worthless Jackass gets kicked, it’s sadly Rob Cesternino. “The story of my Survivor life…the big boys won’t let me play.”

Too bad, too, since I really identify with Cesternino. The guy who gets through the game through sheer likability and sense of humor. Ah well. It’s a player’s game, and if you’re not a player, you’re prey. Have fun cavorting with Rudy and Tina, kiddo. You will be missed.[/SPOILER]

Yeah, if she was still around, I could definitely see her doing it, but the only other one I can see trying to flirt her way out of work is Amber.

I’d hate to see Rob C. go, because I really liked him in Amazon. We haven’t seen too much of him so far… which makes me think he’ll be around a while longer.

I’ve been really impressed with Jerri, as much as it pains me to say it. She said that her new strategy was to shut the hell up, and she’s done a pretty good job. She got into it a bit with Rupert last week about the hut – but hey, she was right. And even so, she let him have his own way (and screw up).

I don’t know who will go. You would think Hatch or Rupert would be next from their respective tribes, but on the other hand they are the only ones who have caught any fish.

However, if the Rob-Rob-Tom-Alicia-Amber-Sue tribes loses, I’d expect Sue to be gone. So that’s who I’m going with tonight.

Since a stud is an animal kept for breeding purposes, calling a gay man a stud is humorously ironic. I think Colby realized that as he was making the comment. Don’t see any homophobia there.

I didn’t sense any homophobia in the comment either, but I sure am tired of Colby constantly mentioning Hatch’s gayness. Glad they spared us from that tonight.

I was glad to see Rob go instead of Alicia. She rocked on the challenge, but they collectively blew the lead she’d given them. And yet Tom was willing to toss her out on the risky hunch that Rob is smart. Of course, that’s not suprising considering that Tom is a sexist jackass.

I’m starting to like Jerri. Her comment about how close she was to madness conveyed how tough that night was.

I disagree and still think that Colby is homophobic (trust me, I wish he wasn’t.)

Yes, I understand how his “stud” comment could be taken, but that comment followed the previous week’s comment about having to hang out with an overweight gay man and Colby seems to feel the need to keep mentioning that Richard is gay…well that to me is being homophobic.

Now if Colby were to do the same thing about say Lex’s tattoos or Kathy being a woman or Shii Ann being Asian, then I’d say that is just how Colby is. But the only tribe member he speaks of in this condescending way is Richard. Why does he do this if it’s not homophobia/fear?

Glad he did not say anything this week. :slight_smile:

Just how I see it.


I felt the stud remark was a high compliment on Colby’s part. Yeah, he was probably surprised to find a gay man acting so… manly. But he gave Richard the cred.

And don’t forget, Colby isn’t giving a private confessional to an unstaffed camera when he’s sitting alone. He’s talking to and being interviewed by one of the producers. It could be the producers who are eliciting the ‘tell me about being with the gay naked man’ responses. All the other tribe mates could be saying the same thing, but they only show Colby’s remarks. You never know just how much Colby is saying this on is own.


“The power of four.” -Colby

Don’t think I’ve ever lauged as much during Survivor as when they were stumbling around and blasting into each other with those puzzle pieces. Too funny!

And Jerri absolutely rocked at assembling them. Totally took control.

What is Susan seen as adding to the tribe? Hell, I’d boot her based on swimsuit choice alone. Loved her comment, tho: “I can be a bitch to be around!”

Looks like Tom gets to show his true nature next week…

Man, Rupert must have felt like a complete bonehead when his shelter turned into a swimming pool. He’s lucky he survived the night without getting lynched!

I’ll certainly be disappointed if those oft-posted predications come true…

Colby almost certainly comes from a world where he doesn’t (knowingly) interact with many gay people, so Richard is a novelty to him. I interpret his remarks as a simple fascination with the new, and a slight nervousness because he’s not fully sure how he’s supposed to behave in Richard’s presence.

That doesn’t make him condescending or homophobic, and in fact I don’t think we’ve seen any evidence that he’s either. Colby gets along with people. As long as they’re not Midwestern chefs who can’t cook rice.

Hey what do you know- a big hole on the beach will fill up with water.

Rob C. coasted way too much in the beginning, and it cost him dearly. Also, everyone had seen his shitck before and knew he was completely untrustworthy. He also wasn’t needed for food either, so it was a logical boot. I would have went for Susan myself, but she really isn’t a threat yet.

Wonder what the first big twist will be- hope its not as stupid as the Outcast twist was. Although, with this being Allstar, I kind of feel that anything goes.

I agree with the other posters that Colby has been showing nothing but admiration for Hatch. Seeing Hatch openly deemed himself the “Fat Naked Fag” (his exact words in Season 1) his sexual orientation is a part of who he is and how he plays the game.

Further, Colby not only didn’t do anything wrong- calling Hatch a stud is the highest praise Colby has. In sports terms (especially football), a Stud player is the absolute best of the best. Ie. “Did you see Ray Lewis dominate that game last week- man that guy is a stud”. So calling his comments homophobic is way off base and not even remotely accurate.

I still disagree with you guys and feel that I am not way off base about Colby having some homophobic qualities.

First, he did call Richard a stud, but stabbed him with the further comment “if a gay man can be a stud.” Well of course Colby a gay man can be a stud…even in the literal sense. Saying a gay man can’t be a stud is like say that someone can’t be gay because they are married. :confused:

Second, if you would change Colby’s comments using the word Black, Asian or Jewish instead of Gay, we’d have folks screaming about him being racist etc.

Third, gay men can use the word fag to describe themselves or other gay men…but it’s insulting when non-gay folks use it. Using the word by people in the community, helps to take the power out of such a negative nasty word.

Fourth, saying Colby is a small town southern boy and therefore you’ll have to excuse his ignorance just isn’t acceptable. Besides after all those shaving commercials, I’m sure he lives or has lived in L.A. and has been exposed to “worldly” things.

Finally, maybe we tend to accept condescending remarks from Colby more readily because he’s so “purity.” If Big Tom said the same things we might feel differently, well if we could actually understand what he’s saying.

I will admit that the situation could be skewed or overblown because of editing or the questions asked of Colby during his interviews.

But I’m still gonna call a spade a spade and think that Colby has issues with gay men and they are starting to leak out in the form of homophobic comments. Of course you may feel differently and that’s OK.

That’s the last I’m gonna say on this subject and now I’m gonna get back to the lighthearted fun of Survivor. Besides I despise Rupert way more than Colby no matter what negative remarks come out of Colby’s mouth

Surprised that most of the talk here concerns two-week-old accusations of homophobia. Are we losing interest?

Why,why, why did Boston Rob feel the need to reach out to Rob C and then stab him in the back? Just because? Sadism? I was beginning to like BostonRob; I lost a lot of respect then. Not to mention that Rob C would be better to have around than Susan, who adds nothing to the tribe–not even the potential for smarts.

Good question. . . and exactly the one I had. I never watched SURVIVOR before the Pearl Islands series, so the only player I really know is Rupert. I am finding that Boston Rob is a good looking guy, but he’s a snake! I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. (Watch out, Amber!) And I think I heard that Jerri was a really nasty girl. Heck, she plays her heart out. I kind of like her. Susan, even though she’s from America’s Dairyland, is an embarrassment. She’s not long for this game, I don’t think. (And I still love Rupert!)

I’d just like to point out what a stud I am when it comes to predicting Survivor eliminations.

I’m sad to see Rob C go – I would have much rather seen them get rid of Sue. But I think he was right, they all knew that they couldn’t trust him (based on his first game), plus he isn’t as strong or hardworking as Alicia. They were probably right to drop him.

It’s very interesting to see how players’ pre-knowledge of each other adds a whole new aspect to the game.

Also, let me say again (like I did last week) – Jerri is really redeeming herself.

I thought Big Tom showed some good strategy last night. Very good in fact.

By the look of it, he got Amber pretty PO’d at Rob by “outing” their nearly consumated relationship. Looks like that little bloc may be crumbling.

Other than that, I would’ve booted Sue as well. She’s near worthless, and annoying to boot.

I for one am glad to see Cesterino go. As I said back when he was first on the show, I’ve always considered him one of the most annoying contestants ever (he even annoys me as much as Jon Dalton, which is saying something). Boston Rob appears to be in control of Chapura now and he correctly saw Rob C as the most likely threat to usurp his leadership. Based on this, if Chapura loses again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Big Tom get voted off.

As I’ve said before, Richard continues to leave me unimpressed. He apparently fails to realize that he’s not competing against Colleen and Gervase this time around. Players like Lex and Shii Ann (or even Colby and Kathy) aren’t going to fall for his harmless act. All the players this year know how to play the game and he’s letting them get way too much of a lead.

Spoiler from previews:

My guess is that next week’s surprise will be a visit from previous players for one of the challenges; not to join the show but just to participate. Maybe some kind of trivia challenge.

Rob C. mentioned on the Early Show this a.m. that BostonRob may have had his sights set on offing R.C. from the get go. Something along the lines that after their first Survivor, the public kind of made B.R. out to be some kind of oaf and not near the calibre of player as R.C. In other words, Boston Rob may have come into the game with a grudge against Rob C.