Survivor 3/17 - special night

Heads up - because of the NCAA, Survivor is on tonight.

I’ll say Jerri or Shi Ann go tonight.

If the other tribe loses, I’ll say Rupert.

Is there supposed to be yet another twist?
Think they’re gonna merge soon?

If it is a conventional episode, then I say
Chapera- Jenna (Dark Horse: Rupert)
Mogo Mogo- Ethan (Dark horse: Cathy)

I hope that Jerri goes, but Shii Ann would not break my heart either. It will be infinitely more interesting if the other tribe goes to council, especially when CBS’s blurb mentions a power play between Rupert and Rob… I’d like to see more of the day to day stuff at chapera, as I think we have been lulled by their play.

I think the twist will be that there won’t be a merger.

That’s what I’m hoping for. Jeff had that smug look about him at the last TC, and I’d love to see Shii Ann’s face–she misread the merger signs last time, too. I was really hoping for a tribe switchup at some point in this game, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

I won’t make a prediction except to say that it will not be Shii Ann. She’s not even on the radar; if Mogo Mogo loses immunity and chooses to vote off the most annoying, it will be Jerri. If they go for strongest it will be one of the boys.

Or if they go for “can’t be trusted” it will be Lex.

CBS sucks :slight_smile: What if people have like, plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

That being said, I’d like to hear that Shii Ann goes.

If Chapera goes to Tribal Council, I think Alicia will be out. She’s the only one that doesn’t seem to have a close alliance with anyone on the tribe.
If it’s Mogo Mogo then Jerri’s gone. The bitchiness, whining and complaining has got to be on everyone’s nerves right now, not just Shii-Ann’s, and Lex could do with keeping Ethan around until the merge so that there is a bigger alpha male target than himself on his tribe.

After last week’s vote, I can see Ethan, Kathy and Shii-Ann dumping Lex, if he’s not carefull. Ethan will do it to save himself (he has no allies); Kathy will do it to get rid of her biggest challenger; Shii-Ann will do whatever Kathy says.

I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Ethan go, though. I don’t think it will be Jerri; no one is worried about her.

On Chapera, I think Alicia may go because she seems unaligned. Alternate: Kelly.

Most of my predictions have been wrong, but I’ll go out on a limb again and predict there won’t be a merger this week. The previews showed all the signs that there would be one and we all know the previews usually seek to misdirect the viewers. Maybe there’ll be a combination of the two tribes into one campsite or some kind of players swap.

I bet that this week is a reward only show with no immunity challenge.

I think Jerri might actually be safe for a while. They highlighted her last week, giving her a lot of airtime even though she didn’t do anything particularly unusual. This usually means one of two things; the highlighted player is going to be voted off that week or they’re building up interest in someone who’ll be one of the final players. Jerri didn’t get the boot (and surprisingly wasn’t even considered) so I’m going to guess she might be sticking around.

By the same token, Shii Ann hasn’t been getting a lot of attention and what little airtime she gets is usually her talking about other players. She may be going soon.

I said in last week’s thread that I didn’t think there would be a merge - Jeff seemed way too smug when questioning them about voting out Colby (based on the assumption that he’d be too much of a threat in individual challenges after a merge). I think it’d be great if there’s no merge at all this time around. Leave the tribes as is, and let them get down to one or two players. I don’t know how that’d work with voting, though.

The TV ads show them being asked to send one person (an ambassador) to the other tribe. This usually signals the merge - they either go to the other camp and spend the day there as a “guest” or the two people go to a neutral place with the other person and get drunk and decide which camp to live at, but there also seems to be some speculation that the person sent isn’t coming back. There’s a shot of Ethan saying something like, “This changes everything” or “Just when I thought it was safe” (that’s not quite it, but he’s PO’d but whatever happens…)

We alos see Rob and Amber kissing in the TV ads… excuse me while I go throw up. :rolleyes: I don’t need that!

I think (just speculation!) that the person sent to the other camp is just going to be switched - not getting to come back; the two people sent over to the other tribe are switched to that tribe, and there’s no merge yet, if at all.

Other than Colby and Ethan’s votes you mean? She was highlighted last week because she was a potential bootee - Colby and Ethan’s target. As it turned out, she escaped by one vote.

I don’t know how the game would work without a merge once they got below 9 surviving players. Would jury members go to Tribal Council for the tribe they weren’t even a member of? That would be weird.

So we’re sure it’s a regular Survivor and not a recap show?

Yeah, it wouldn’t. I just think the merge won’t happen in the usual way or at the expected time. They were all walking around talking about the merge happening “soon” or “any time now.”

Jeff seemed way too smug last week, when they voted out Colby based on his (expected) threat at future individual immunity challenges after they merge. He had this attitude of a 12-year-old hiding a secret, kind of like, “I know something you don’t know!”

Yeah, it’s pretty clear from the ads that it’s a new episode.

I think they want us to think that there’s a merge tonight. Or maybe they want us to think that that’s what they want us to think, so that we’ll be expecting some sort of tricky non-merge and we’ll be surprised when there really IS a merge. Or maybe that’s just what they want us to think. I think.

Okay, since we all know that I can’t possibly post here without at least a little speculation…

[SPOILER]General consensus is that Ethan’s time has finally come. As the sole remaining former winner, the target on his back is simply too huge to ignore any longer.

However, some may be surprised to learn that some of Ethan’s off-the-island activities might actually play a hand in the decision.

According to rumor, Boston Rob stocked up on several contestants’ “skeletons” prior to coming to the island, and (at one point) reveals some of Ethan’s…ahem, “sexual conquests” were former Survivor contestants…and the women didn’t know about each other. :eek: If rumors hold true, Ethan may or may not totally lose his sh*t over this. There’s even talk that he, too, might quit, making him the third contestant this season to walk away.

Take this rumor-laden news with a fistful of salt, though.[/SPOILER]
If it’s all true, this could truly be the finest hour of Survivor…like, ever. :smiley: