Survivor: All Stars

No spoilers, yet, but I have to say this one thing:

Richard Hatch is wearing a Utilikilt. That sunuvabitch! That’s the one, the ONE item I listed on my applications!

Hatch is definetely powdered toast in this game, if he lasts longer than halfway then I will be VERY impressed.

Explain this utilikilt to me. I went to and it wouldn’t tell me what it was.

Doesn’t look like Hatch is wearing it much, unfortunately…

been quite a night for nudity on CBS, huh?

[sub]hey ts, been awhile, huh? i still lurk here occasionally…[/sub]

Moo, it’s a utilitarian kilt. No Clan tartans or plaids, just regular colors and they have pockets!

Paul, yup, while I’m certainly not posting as much, it’s good to see some old handles pop up in threads I do run across.

:smiley: Yeah, he has it, but he’s not actually wearing it.
What is that tattoo on his chest, anyone know?

I couldn’t believe when that idiot Shii Ann said, “what’s the fun of getting rid of Richard Hatch immediately…?”

No, you idiot! He’s dangerous! Get him the hell out of there as fast as you can!

Hard to figure what his strategy is- “annoy the hell out of everyone” doesn’t seem to be a great move.

Funny thing was how much some people changed their strategies after their first go rounds.

Good moves so far-

Rupert and Rudy’s alliance.

Colby and Lex working together. They will need one extra person who also is considered a threat and they can do some damage.

Godfather Rob toning it down. He was actually right about a few things, and made a good ally in Amber.

Rob S. playing it cool and working well.

Bad moves:

Alicia showing her disfunctional attitude already.

Richard Hatch being lazy and arrogant this early in the game.

Shi-Ann’s evident clueness, again.

Anyone who didn’t make a rain cistern out of their pot and some broad leaves the night of TC.

Good stuff-