Survivor Amazon Possible(?)Spoilers

The Washington Post reported today that off shore bookies have stopped taking on-line action on the outcome of Survivor Amazon because they believe that employees of CBS with inside knowledge were placing bets.

Their betting has whittled it down to two contestants at almost every off shore “parlor”. You can see who in the link that has SPOILERS. The article has a major spoiler alert – so you can read alot of it w/o seeing who the two were.

If you stop reading at the spoiler alert all you miss, besides the names of the purported final two, is that there is speculation that CBS is doing this as a PR gimmick. OTOH apparently with the Bachelor there was alot of action from Adam’s home town that knew in advance it was Helene - I didn’t know that.

Anyway — if you read the article – THAT HAS SPOILERS I’ve got to say this will be an interesting game – especially if one name makes it … almost unbelievable