Survivor Anti-All-Stars: Pick 'em

I missed the first two seasons, so y’all will have to help with those.

Here are my nominees for a show CBS needs to do: A Survivor Bottom-of-the-pile Run-Off for Worst (Sorriest) Player Ever.

I tried to avoid people kicked off in the first few weeks and those that lasted to the Jury Selection process, and tried to hold it to two per season. Some seasons it was hard to pick two baddies.

Thus, I have:

Africa: Silas and Brandon
Marquesas: Rob and Sean
Thailand: Robb and Clay
Amazon: Heidi and Rob
Pearl Islands: Jon and Osten
Vanuatu: Ami and Scout
Palau: Ibrehem and Janu
Guatemala: Brian and Judd
Panama Exile Island: Shane and Courtney
Cook Islands: Brad and Jonathan
Fiji: Rocky and Dreamz

That’s 22 from 11 seasons and can expand to at least 26 from 13 seasons. I think we should avoid the All-Stars season.

For Asshole #1, I had Jon Fairplay until last night, and I now have Dreamz as the hands-down prick of all time.

My next few are:

Boston Rob
Robb from Thailand

These have to be in the group, but I’m felxible on the others.

Make additions, votes and comments as you see fit.

If this thread has any reasonable success, maybe we could forward the suggestion to CBS. :smiley:

If you need help remembering these folks, try:

Pearl Islands
Panama Exile Island
Cook Islands

Surely you have some feelings for the Worst Survivor Player Of All Time?

Sonja Christopher, aka “that lady with the banjo who fell down and was the first person ever voted off of Survivor.” If only to give her a second chance.

Well, it depends on what you’re trying to do. Are we trying to come up with the worst players all time, meaning the players who were least skilled at the game, or the Worst players all time, meaning the players who were the biggest assholes?

I can’t see a way for Boston Rob, Jonathan, Rob Cesternino, or even Pearl Islands John to make the first list - all four were, in their own ways, quite good at the game. If we’re looking to make a list of jerks, though, Rob C. doesn’t really fit, nor do any number of other players on your list.

Let me put it like this. Every season there’s going to be at least one, and usually more than one, player who will start getting on my nerves right away. As often as not, that player (those players) will have enough of what it takes to avoid getting voted off and to have me wanting them gone for weeks. If you want to label such players jerks or assholes, I’m okay with that.

What this thread’s intent is is to use the same criteria as the All-Stars show and select past players to populate a season with the most offensive players possible. That way you get to pull for the least offensive one to win the money.

However, any ideas on constructing an Anti-All-Stars show are worth exploring.

It’s mostly for giggles, if that matters.

Fiji: Lisi and Sylvia. Sylvia had no people skills and she absolutely sucked at the challenges. As annoying as Rocky and Dreamz were, I wouldn’t put them in the “stupid player” category.

I’m still thinking about this, but I’m pretty sure Lisi wins hands down for being the absolute worst player in the history of Survivor. I mean, oblivious, mean, the opposite of diplomatic, embarassingly bad in the challenges, incapable of strategic thought or even being decisive. Who’s been worse?

Here’s another tack to take in this concept: pick the ones who have coasted and ridden the coattails of the stronger and more skilled players. We had at least two winners whose “skill” was in aligning themselves with the strong players and jumping off their backs at the last moment.

But if some of these people were required to provide food, water, fire, shelter, etc., for themselves, odds are the Survivor crew would either have to step in and provide first aid or else escort them away from the setting. An entire season’s worth of these drones would be hilarious to watch.

That might make for another season of Losers.

What is worse, Lisi was convinced that she was one of the better and smarter players in Fiji. Talk about self-delusion!