"Survivor: Cagayan" cast announced.

All new players, No Redemption Island. Three tribes: Brains, Beauty, Brawn.

They just might have won me back.

No fat people or old people. They lost me years ago.

We’ll watch anyway. It’s like a habit. We bet on our choice before the first tribal and whoever’s choice lasts longest wins (wait for it) $5. The excitement couldn’t be cut with a machete.

I keep waiting for a Criminals vs. Cripples season.

fat and old…I’m in!

No returnees and no Redemption Island? I’ll check it out. (Colton earned the show a complete boycott from me last season)

I’m wondering whether they’re going to make some profound difference in the way they give out clues to the hidden immunity idol, seeing as how most of them got burned up because people didn’t want to be a target, and then the guy who found two of them never got a clue at all… “This is a clue to finding a HII, which will only help you if you SHUT UP ABOUT IT AND DON’T TELL ANYBODY.”

Some highlights from the contestant bios:

Same here. I’ll probably make a return for this season. Although the fact that it’s not on Hulu makes it a pain to watch for me.

My favorite is the model/nuclear engineer. I’m rooting for her till I have a reason not to.

Sounds fun. No returnees- I like that. Note that an occasional Faves show isn;t fun, but not always.

They always have the full season up on CBS.com.

I see the Beauties are all going to try to out-smart each other.

Probably why they didn’t make the Brains team…

wasnt there a rocket scientist once who was cute to boot? — see what I did there … i crack myself up.

I’ve never watch Survivor, have they ever done a show in cold climate?

Woo-hoo!! It’s about time.

I don’t care about the other gimmick. I just don’t like retreads, and I don’t like RI.

There have been a few that were so rainy (almost every episode was in the rain or just after it) that the folks were shivering and barely able to function. Damn near useless.

Probst went on record as saying “We listen to our viewers.” Everybody bitched about RI, everybody semi-bitched about returning players, fucking everybody including the Pope bitched about that little bitch Colton coming back. So we finally get a season of newbies, with no safety net, and a new division of tribes.

Yep. No food plus shivering equals zero energy to spare for gathering food or finding dry firewood. It wasn’t even that cold; they were still in the tropics, it was maybe 65, 70 degrees, but with no real shelter and no waterproof clothing, it just sucked. They’ve figured out that they need to park these people someplace which is pretty darn survivable… in the Outback season, they almost starved, so the next season, fruit was practically falling out of the trees into camp.

Never mind, I found a list of locations.

I might watch “Survivor: Barrow, Alaska”:stuck_out_tongue:

Stunt casting, however, is still in play. NBA player (and Dennis Rodman North Korean Diplomatic Outreach Exhibitionary Basketball Team member) Cliff Robinson is on this year, as well as Florida Marlins owner David Samson.

The big cast photo is kind of hilarious. “Can YOU find the former NBA player?”

Forget the NBA player. Find the contestant who is already a millionaire.