Survivor: Cambodia 11/11 - "You Call, We'll Haul"

That’s what I said to my husband when this idol play happened. It may be the most EFFECTIVE HII play, but Parvati’s in Heroes vs Villains is still unsurpassed. She not only HAD an HII already, she managed to cadge Russell’s HII, gambled that she was not the target, gave Jerri and Sandra the HIIs she had, and ended up getting J.T. off the island.

Wasn’t Russell’s HII originally J.T.'s HII? The one that J.T. gave to Russell along with a love letter explaining why he thought Russell was so dreamy?


Russell reading that letter aloud to his alliance is one of my favorite survivor moments.

I just watched the episode where Wiggles went home and I’d like to ask if anyone else thing Fishbeck was slightly out of his mind about his “advantage” in that epi.

He said several things along the lines of, “This is a game winning event”, “I am in an insanely powerful position now”. I was reminded of the film Titanic with LDC screaming, “I am king of the world”.

I admit his advantage is a very good one. He nullifies someone’s vote and then votes twice himself. But IMO, given that there are still 11 people in the game, that is a long way away from a “game winning” event. It’s also a long way away from controlling that one single vote. It might be diffrerent if there were only 4 or 5 people. Then, it would be a very powerful advantage and may enable him to control the vote. But not with 11 people. No way.

Am I mistaken about that? Is it something more than just a good advantage?

I got the impression that Fishbeck was starting to lose it. He seemed to be imagining things that just weren’t true. I think he could really cause a big mess with other people while he has little chance of ever winning this thing.

Charlie, you just posted a spoiler for the 11/18 episode in the 11/11 thread. I’ve reported it.

Oh. Sorry. It was a mistake. I never realized. I didn’t see there was more than one Survivor thread.

In fact, there is only one Survivor thread. I can’t see any other thread for Survivor.

I’ve been making one a week, I assume the older ones fall off the first three pages. Didn’t make one last night since I haven’t seen the episode yet but I’ll make it now.

I will be careful to check the thread dates in future.

May I suggest you put something in the title about SPOILERS? I’m not sure exactly how it would be best to phrase it. But if I see “SPOILERS” in the title, I know to be careful>

P.S. I’m sorry if I spoiled the thread.