Survivor: Cambodia 11/11 - "You Call, We'll Haul"

Here’s the video:

Did he really say “I feel like Mike Tyson cold-clocked me” ?

Yes, yes he did.

One listener on “Rob Has a Podcast” wanted Ciera, Wentworth, and AbiMaria to split the vote three ways, to Savage, Jeremy, and Tasha.

And then force the alliance to vote for one of three on the revote.

Which would be a great television, but extremely risky. It would have forced Wentworth to reveal that she had an HII. And if I were Wentworth, I would not trust Ciera or AbiMaria to keep their mouths shut.

That would be a brilliant play under the right circumstances. You would hopelessly fracture the alliance by revealing the sub-alliances and of course get rid of a ringleader. I like it!! And man would that ever have been epic television!

Yeah, that remains one of my holy grails to see on Survivor. A sudden HII reveal and tie vote (or some other weird occurance) that forces a majority alliance to suddenly turn on each other right then and there.

Man, he is so good-looking. And such an asshole.

I didn’t mind Savage. Hardly my favorite player or anything, but he didn’t bother me.

That is a classic way to go out, though. He can at least feel good that his ousting was a total blindside.

Is 3 votes the record for a vote-out, then?

Every time the Russian roulette opportunity occurs with idols to splinter the majority alliance at tribal (e.g. the Three Amigos in Fans vs. Favorites 2), I’ve always wanted them to get this right. Instead, the Three Amigas made the same play in voting out the figurehead of the alliance as the Amigos did with the Specialist.

On his RHAP exit interview, Savage mentioned that Joe was the one who blabbed the plan to Kelley. Ciera also tweeted something similar. Poor (dumb?) Joe got his own closest ally voted out–no wonder they showed the scene with Spencer talking about having to diagram the numbers in the sand last week.

IIRC, no one, not even Abi and Ciera knew Wenthorth had the idol. I loved the looks of shock and appreciation on people’s faces when she played it, even those on the losing end seemed to appreciate what a great move it was.

This may be right, but I still reserve the option that Joe knew exactly what he was doing by telling Kelley. They already showed him considering a vote for Stephen instead, and planning on using Kelley, Abi, and Ciera to make it happen. What better time to tip off a potential idol-player than at a TC where you have immunity and you know the vote isn’t being split?

Why is it impossible to think that Joe realizes that a final 5 or 6 with those three in it instead of Stephen, Savage, and Jeremy is vastly preferable - especially since he has to realize that at that point he pretty much has to win all of the immunities or find an idol to survive?

Did we ever see any evidence that Joe considers Savage his closest ally? All I remember is the converse - Savage talking about how much he likes and trusts Joe and freaking out when Stephen was gunning for him.

Whether intentional or not, I think Joe’s odds of winning the game actually went up after the last TC.

Yeah, that would be a brilliant way for Joe to take out Savage while keeping his hands clean, but it would require him to know she had the idol, I’m not sure he did.

Yeah, Joe made a good move. I don’t think he’s nearly as dumb as they would have us believe (Spencer’s ‘diagram stuff in Joe language’ caught me off guard). He probably realizes a lot of people in the ‘majority’ alliance are just keeping him around as a target and to prevent the minority alliance members from winning immunity (as Jeremy keeps saying) and they’ll turn on him whenever possible. So it’s worth it for him to cultivate connections with the underdogs.

Oh, I’m pretty sure he didn’t know she had an idol. But he knew (or at least should have known) it was possible. So why not tell her where the vote is going to give her a chance to play it if she has it and knock out a competitor? And at the same time make her feel like he’s a trustworthy ally (or at least not an enemy). As she said in the TC: “I’m not going to name names because I may have to work with them tomorrow” - I think that was pretty clearly directed at Joe.

That may be a few steps beyond Joe’s logic, but I don’t really see a downside to him telling Kelley about the vote.

Why did they pick Kelly instead of Ciera to vote out? Ciara is the chief troublemaker.

Wentworth is allegedly the bigger threat to win Immunity Challenges.

They picked Kelley W…worth. Kelly W…worth is a different player.

What a strange choice to put two people with such similar first and last names on the ballot.

That’s not a good reason. Ciera is a loose canon and huge trouble maker. They should have targeted her first. Wentworth isn’t going to win a bunch of ICs in a row.

This was officially the most effective HII ever played (in terms of votes cancelled)

I’ve been catching up on the behind the scenes videos and in every single one they talk about splitting the vote and decide not to because:

  1. No way Kelley has an idol. If she had it she would have played it last week
  2. No way Kelley has an idol. No one ever saw her looking for one.
  3. No way Kelley has an idol. Surely someone would have heard if she had one.
  4. If we split the votes there is a chance that either Fishback or Joe will get ants in their pants and do something about voting off each other and fracture our alliance.

Jeremy has done an amazing job of staying under the radar and he’s in an excellent position going forward. If he can maintain his core alliance he’s pretty safe for a while because he’s the 2nd threat in almost every category. Stephen is more strategic, Joe is more physically threatening and Tasha is more hated. Of course keeping Stephen and Joe in an alliance together is going to require some pretty dramatic maneuvering.

Editors did a great job this week, I very much enjoyed this episode and I’m really looking forward to Wednesday.

What about that time when Parvati played 2 idols? I don’t remember the details, but wasn’t that a master stroke of idol play? I’m sure someone here remembers, but she gave at least one of them away, and maybe both.