Survivor: Cambodia 11/18: "Witches Coven"


(I haven’t seen the episode myself yet, but here’s the thread for those who want to comment)

It’s quite clear that Joe is gone the moment he doesn’t win immunity. All they’re doing is picking off his closest allies during his win streak. Ah well.

Other than still rooting for both Joe and Spencer as my top two, I’m loving the witches.

I’m still not sure I agree 100% with Stephen’s move, but once he pitched it I think maybe he had to go through with it. It clearly makes sense for Spencer. Really not sure it makes sense for Jeremy, but with two idols it’s not a terrible play. All three of those have to feel pretty good about beating any of Abi/Ciara/Kelly (more the first two than the last, I suppose).

I didn’t realize until this episode that anybody considered Kelly Wigglesworth a threat to win the game - I just sort of assumed they all considered her a goat to take to the end since we almost never heard from her. I guess the next vote is either Joe (if he somehow manages to lose a challenge) or Keith.

Given Stephen’s advantage, I think he’ll have a big target on his back.

Given how much rain the area is getting, does anyone else think that burying the advantage clue about 1 inch deep is a dumb idea?

I felt really sorry for the castaways at Tribal Council. They were drenched and freezing. At least Probst was drenched and freezing too, although he has a hot shower and dry clothes and hot meal waiting for him after TC.

Give the castaways some ponchos. I don’t want to see them miserable.

I am surprised Stephen beat Spencer to the “advantage” buoy. AbiMaria almost won a Immunity Challenge? I think the warm ocean would have been preferable to the IC losers than sitting on the raft get drenched by the cold rain.

What was the advantage? Did we see? I must have zoned out during that part.

Stephen gets to steal a vote.

At tribal council, when it’s Stephen’s turn to vote, he can name a player whose vote he wants to steal. He then gets to cast two votes, one his, one the person’s he stole.

Does Stephen get to choose someone who has already voted? The way it’s worded he has to announce it when HE’s going to vote and then that person doesn’t vote. I assume that if they’ve already voted their vote wont count or something cause the way I’m understanding it would be stupid. Either that or I misheard that it’s when THEY’re about to vote.

I see Stephen’s strategy here. He (and Spencer and Jeremy) just traded in an 8 person voting bloc for a 6 person voting bloc which is still in the lead. Plus he (and unbeknonst to him, Jeremy) has an advantage that runs out after the 5-person tribal.
Joe can still throw a monkey wrench into things if he keeps winning, but that’ll be tough.

I was thinking the same thing. How stupid to bury it right on the footpath!!

I don’t buy the whole “the game is evolving” bullshit. It’s the same shit that’s been going on for years. Sometimes the major alliance holds strong, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Here’s what the advantage clue said, from a paused screen:

"Wait until it is your turn to vote, then announce to Jeff you wish to use your advantage.

You will then select one tribe member whose vote to steal.

This person will not cast a vote, and instead you will cast a second vote using this piece of parchment."

So he announces it when he’s going to go up, and I guess can select someone who has already voted or someone who has yet to vote. Interestingly, he needs to keep the clue since it says “using this piece of parchment.”

I have no idea how the select voting order, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the producers told him to let them know ahead of time to if he thinks he might use it, so they can have him vote last or first, whichever they think is more dramatic.

So someone who votes after him can change their vote based on the fact he used it? Odd.

That’s why I’m guessing the producers will make him go first or last when he plans to use it.

I agree. It’s not so much that the game is evolving as that you have at least 5 players that actually want to win, and have some idea how to do it (Jeremy, Stephen, Spencer, Kelly, Ciara). They’re all actually trying to win the game, which you don’t always see. Even Kelly Wigglesworth and Joe have a plan, although Kelly apparently didn’t see the danger at all and Joe couldn’t possibly have a bigger target on his back.

I do agree that in a typical season this is the dead part where the 8-person alliance just whittles away the last outsiders before turning on each other (often with the dreaded “double-boot” episode just to move things along).

I do wonder if Jeremy/Stephen/Spencer will flop back again once they get out a couple of their old alliance to make a move on Kelly (the only witch who I think can possibly win). Or how soon they will move on each other.

Yeah, that seems a bit odd. I’d rather he played it after all votes are cast and then announces who’s vote he wants to steal. At that point the vote is removed and he gets to vote again. Or announce it before anybody has voted. Having it be in the middle makes the order of voting matter, which it never has before.

IIRC, there was another season where a player got a vote twice advantage, although not with the added benefit of negating another player’s vote.

I never would have guessed that Kelly W was going home because she had so little screen time in the episode. I thought maybe Fish was going home because he seemed so confident.

Yes. In fact, Fish discussed that in his jubilant little monologue.

BTW, what’s a “coe-ven”? :slight_smile:

First off, I agree.

This may just be my bias showing, because I am on record (which keeps getting reinforced) that this cast sucks and letting the fans choose it was a horrible decision. You have one of the most successful shows in TV history, you don’t let go of the reins.

Survivor has made some terrible decisions regarding format (Blood vs. Water, etc.) but they have always had a cast that kept things interesting, even with the occasional whackjob or mentally ill contestant. I think they knew quickly that they had a loser cast and tried to change the narrative. “Yes, nobody’s doing a damn thing, but that’s what makes this season so interesting! You never know!” That’s a lame excuse for nobody planning ahead as long as they’re pretty sure they’re not getting voted out.

We’ve had one blindside of a real player, but it turns out he was hated by everyone and Kelly knew for sure that she was going. She’s just lucky she had the Idol to play.

The way this is going, we could end up with Ciera, Fishbach, and Abi-Maria as the final three, which would be the worst final in Survivor history.

I’m almost hoping Fish wins at this point, and we see the tearful reunion of him and JT at the final tribal council. The young Padua is now a Jedi! :smiley:

I’m guessing the final three is Fish, Jeremy and Spencer with Spencer winning. Someone might try to drag along Abi as a goat, but with Jeremy holding two idols and Fish controlling three votes with one advantage, it might not work.

I think Joe is dead man walking the minute he loses a challenge.

I agree that the “wait until it is your turn to vote” seems like the order of being called up to matter, but I think it could easily just be a poorly worded “wait until it is time to vote” and he has to use it right after Probst says “it’s time to vote” but before anyone actually votes.

I really like the move for Fish, Jeremy and Spencer to switch to joining the three girls. Obviously a lot can happen, but if that’s the final 6, that’s great for the guys. They’ll be favorites in any immunity challenge (except for ‘balance on this tiny little platform’ which favors small women), Jeremy has two idols and Fish has his vote steal.

Was interesting to see that Wigglesworth was considered a threat because of her social game. From the edit it was difficult to remember she was even in the game. As much as people talk about people being “well-liked” as helping with the jury I feel like the final votes almost always reward the better player, not just the more well-liked person, except for arguably Russell Hantz.