Survivor: Cambodia 11/25: Episodes 10 & 11 [NO SPOILERS PLEASE]

Survivor: Cambodia 11/25: Episodes 10 & 11 “Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil / My Wheels are Spinning” [NO SPOILERS PLEASE]

Two episodes were shown tonight (Nov. 25, 2015).

I thought it was a very entertaining episode. In a previous thread, I posted that as long as Joe would keep on winning immunity, the other players would start to lose their minds. Abi and Wentworth have both been acting very hostile towards Joe. They made childish faces when people talked about him - rolling their eyes and such. Abi called him some nasty names. She really rubs me the wrong way. But I better stop talking about her before I get into trouble.

Not much to talk about without spoilers.

It seems to have been a long while since we had a run through the jungle collecting stuff challenge. That was good to see.

I must admit that I’m not very well versed in the issue of spoilers.

I put “NO SPOILERS” in the title because last week I posted the name of the player who was voted out and someone reported me for posting a spoiler.

I assume that people who have not seen the latest episode would still like to read a thread concerning an older episode without being told who was voted off in the latest epi.

So, I would think it would be OK to talk about who was voted off last night in this thread. But when next week’s show is broadcast, it would be wrong for anyone to post details of that in this thread.

So, I think you can post anything in this thread about last night’s show or previous show. But once the next week’s show is broadcast, it would be wrong to post any details in this thread about next week’s epi (after it is broadcast).

Isn’t that the way it works? It’s to protect people (after the next epi is shown) who can read this thread without fear they will read who was evicted in this thread.

So, it only matters once the next epi is broadcast. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to change the title. So if I don’t put “NO SPOILERS” in the title, I can’t come back next week and change it.

I must admit it seems kind of strange. But I thought most people that that sort of thing seriously. Don’t they?

Has there ever been a collection challenge at night? Heck, has there ever been any challenge at night? The torchlight made it all mysterious and exotic. Though I was fairly certain Fishbach was going to set his hair on fire or something.

Your post got reported for talking about the 11/18 episode, including who got voted out, inside the thread about the 11/11 episode, instead of starting a new thread about the 11/18 episode or waiting until someone else started a new thread about the 11/18 episode.

Yes, I suppose a warning “No spoilers for later episodes” could be put at the top of every episode thread, but considering that we’ve been using this method for several years without any problems, it’s probably unnecessary.

OK. I see. Thank you.

So what can we talk about? The rain?

I found Fishback’s play baffling.

Both episodes had people blowing major advantages: Jeremy wasted an idol on Stephen, and then Stephen managed to use his advantage and STILL went home.

I really thought the others would leap at their (maybe only) chance to get Joe.

Does anyone else think that Jeremy might be holding back at the Immunity Challenges? Not a bad strategy.

I lost my #3 rooting interest (Ciera) but my top 2 (Joe and Spencer) are still going strong, so not a complete bust for me.

I’m frankly shocked that Joe survived the second episode. Jeff undersold his situation: It wasn’t the first time since the merge he was vulnerable, it was the first time all season he or his tribe didn’t have immunity. Joe had to “get fire” at the merge because his tribe never went to tribal council.

I’ve lost Ciera, who I really wanted to see in final 3, but I’m starting to take a real shine to Wentworth. It was dumb luck that she got a clue to the HII, but even still, I’m liking the serendipity.

I think Fishback just got carried away with himself.

Remember last week how he was saying this advantage was a “Game Changing Event”? He was so excited about it. More than any rational person should be. Well, it turned out he was right. Just not in the way he expected.

I think he had clearly lost his mind ranting and raving about his advantage and tonight? He played like a lunatic - splitting his own votes? Maybe that is the thing that was predicted as never having happened before in this game. But it was a crazy thing to do. He essentially voted himself out of the game. He is the only player in the history of the game that found a way to vote for himself.

I had a few real big LOLs from that episode. Do you remember Abi making childish faces about Joe? Remember the names she called Fishback? She is truly a very hateful woman. I’ll be happy when she’s gone. I bet she’ll go on and on next week about how someone “wrote my name down”.

All in all? A very entertaining episode.

It can be argued that Tyson voted for himself during Heroes vs Villains.

Just watched Ciera’s and Fishbach’s Ponderosa videos. Savage was even a bigger D-bag to Ciera. And Ciera was a CHOW-HOUND. Eating 4 different breakfasts one morning.

I assume Fishbach is Jewish, so I found it somewhat amusing that he wanted bacon on his cheeseburger.

I really like the return of the Survivor Folklore Challenge

I am jonesing for a more physical Individual Immunity Challenge. The IIC’s have all been basically endurance related. Staying in one place for long time.

No IICs with keys, ropes, climbing, digging, or even puzzles.

Wonder if Jeff gave them any time to discuss among themselves about the black/white rock decision on the first IIC last night. I am glad they got a better shelter. Seeing them huddled up and shivering in their makeshift shelter does not make good TV.

No he didn’t. Both his votes were irrelvant; he was going home regardless. What sent him home was directing his alliance of four to split votes against an alliance of five. The five stayed strong, so any vote splitting by the four was doomed to failure regardless of his advantage. Splitting the vote was Fishback’s idea, so he sent himself home long before he actually cast his votes.

I think you raise an excellent point.

I have never understood why the show runners continue to make the players freeze and/or starve all season. I can understand they may have thought that was part of the Survivor culture or chic during the first few seasons. But after that, what does that add to the game? What does it add to the entertainment value? I think it’s just a bad idea to have kept that going. I think that after a few seasons, it should have been evident that it really doesn’t make the show any better to let the players starve for 39 days.

OK. They can feed them a marginal amount of food so that they will strongly appreciate winning food rewards. But to let them starve for 2 or 3 days in a row?

My main point is that when they are starving, they’re not at their peak mental powers. So their decisions and interactions with each other are not as entertaining as they would be if they didn’t have to be extremely occupied with hunger and food.

If they were given say almost a normal daily ration of food, I think their interactions would be a lot smarter and the entertainment would be a lot better.

Of course, this is just my opinion and I suppose it could be argued that when they are starving, it adds an “interesting” level to the entertainment. But that is just terrible sadism and if Probst thinks it somehow adds something to the game, I think he should eat the same amount as they do and then let’s see just how good a job he does hosting.

They can make as good of shelter as they want and eat as much as they gather. Thing is, too many players get lazy and wont work. That’s part of the game too.

Survival, and being a good worker or provider is part of the game. Otherwise it’s just Big Brother.

Yes. That is true. But do you remember how one tribe was given a new location and had absolutely nothing to eat for three days? No possible way of getting any food while the other two tribes did.

How was that fair when they had to compete in physical competiions? IIRC two of them went home during that time because they were just too weak to compete.

I’m not suggesting they be given a wealth of food. Maybe just half-rations? I just don’t think it’s reasonable or entertaining to watch them starve when they have no chance at all to find any food - especially if other tribes are eating just fine.

Jeremy was kinda stupid to give his idol to Fish, since Fish turned on his best friend and major alliance in his original show. That is, he WOULD HAVE turned if he had the chance to do so.

But… to not vote of Joe when they had the chance?? Aye, how stupid!!

I was not talking about food. I was talking about supplies to make a somewhat decent shelter and some survivor appropriate clothes. Ponchos for the rain, some pants and a long sleeve shirts.

Jewish ≠ Kosher

Cut the guy some slack. It’s not like he’s from Mensa or anything! :wink:

For sure. But many (if not most) Jews don’t eat pork.

Its a common joke on Big Bang Theory that Howard eats Bacon Double Cheeseburgers, breaking two Kosher rules.