Survivor: Fiji - Ep. 9: "Are We Gonna Live On Exile Island?!"

Thursday again, and a sad day for me because of the death of one of my top-three favorite writers of all time, but as they say in the theater: “Break a leg.” No, wait, that’s not right, but you know what I mean. Anyway, to take up some valuable rollover space, here are some linky-loos to the previous week’s threads:

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And now, from our friends at

· A shocking surprise crushes some tribemates and energizes others.
· A twist after the Immunity Challenge leaves tribemates with zero time to deliberate before Tribal Council. How will this affect the vote?
· One survivor questions their alliance when a coveted secret is impulsively revealed to them.

And also from

The tribes merge into one group and everyone is sent to Exile Island. Mookie tells Dreamz that he found the second hidden immunity idol. At tribal council, another castaway is voted off of the islands. Jeff Probst is the host.

I hate to comment on spoilers, but I feel that I must say this: it looks like the most shocking thing that will happen this week is that

Jeff Probst will remain the host – I never would have suspected such a shocking and surprising thing as a game show keeping the same host for an ENTIRE SEASON!

See you tonight, if I live that long.

As far as this point goes…

I’ve always thought that the host guy from The Bachelor has to be sitting at home somewhere sticking pins into a Probst voodoo doll. “Stupid Jeff Probst! Said you were going to retire! I was supposed to host Survivor!” Jab! Jab! Stick! Stick!

I’ve always thought James Earl Jones would make a good host. Especially at tribal council.

Especially especially if he can do that Darth Vader force-power choking action to the voted-out contestants. Or set 'em on fire with the Death Star, or something.

Why don’t they make the airplane out of the stuff they make the black boxes with?

Because it would be too heavy to fly. Next?

Now **that ** would be cool!

“I find your lack of friends…disturbing.” “Gack. Choke.”

It would cut down one the “Pity me” post-ejection mopes.

Yes, but on the downside, it would also cut out at least 90% of the jury members who show up at the final Tribal Council with “My question is YOU SUCK!” And that can be some pretty high comedy. So it’s hit or miss, I guess.

Hee hee! Looking forward to it! I expect [SPOILER]Stacy to totally fall apart on Exile and reveal her Inner Bitch, and Michelle, who seems be her new BFF after Lisi, will drop her like a live grenade. Yau Man and Earl will be fine with it and Cassie won’t enjoy it but she’ll be a trouper.

I think there’s a big white guy on NuMoto too but damned if I can remember his name.

If Ravu loses–when they lose–Mookie is in trouble except he’s got the II. I also think Michelle will learn about Earl-Man’s II, leaving Cassandra and Boo–that’s the name!–on the outside.

As for a new host, who better than Jonathan Penner from last season? Sharp-witted, observant, snarky yet basically decent and fair.

Gak! I liked the dude, but if I want to hear Alan Alda’s voice, I’ll watch reruns of Mash!

I’m putting this inside a spoiler box just in case anyone reads it.

Oh yeah? Check this out.

Ak, stop it!
I saw Probst on The late late show with no name but a host named Craig something and he said that the crew smokes a fair amount of pot on set, and that half of the challenges are come up with during those session. I would think they would record it, just in case they come up with something good and couldn’t remember it. If that’s the case, I want to see those tapes!
He also talked about the drink the natives made for them called kava juice which made the mouth numb and gave a pot-like-high. And regarding that

he mentioned drinking a lot right before the final tribal counsel and being pretty stoned throughout

And can you blame him?

You know, I read rockle’s first set of spoilers, and kind of rolled my eyes. It struck me as kind of silly to label having no time to deliberate before the immunity challenge a twist. Especially given the amount of pre-challenge deliberations going on. (Though I’m not quite sure if all the players are as smart as they think they are).

But I was shocked when

Only half the merged tribe was sent to tribal council. And since they didn’t get to pick teams, a lot of that strategizing was wasted

And I’m not happy with who got voted off. It could have been worse. But there are people I’d have much rather seen get voted off.

I’m not really sure how I feel about how tonight’s vote went down, and I actually have to think on it for a while before I have any of my spewage to share. I … kind of think it was really dumb, but I’m thinking (hoping?) that in the cold light of morning, it will all make some kind of sense. After a few hours’ sleep, it might turn out to be fantasic and clever. Then again, maybe not. Probably not.

I will say this: I think the “split merge” is an absolutely brilliant idea, and I wish they would implement it earlier in the game. Like, on Day One. It would be really refreshing to have a season where the teams are different for every challenge, and the players would have to think on their feet ahead of every Tribal Council. Alliances would have to change every time.

Also: while I want to believe the spoilers with regard to how some of these challenges got devised, I don’t know that I buy it 100%. Or else the Survivor people are waaaaaaay higher functioning than the potheads I know. :smiley:

Me, neither. She’s one of my top reality TV crushes!

[spoiler] Mookie is in trouble that is for sure. I didn’t watch to see who actually voted what, but come on! Mechelle? That was Dreamz! Alex looked pissed. I too am unhappy with who was voted off, mostly because of the potential to screw Earl and Yua Man (even though I agree and Stacie was cute, but the best looking girl on Survivor was the single Mom voted off a long time ago, don’t remember her name).

I suppose that Alex could be angry enough that it could spell the end of the “4 horseman” even though if that happens I don’t see Alex and Edgardo (I think) winning that war. And Mookie is the one with the II in his pocket.[/spoiler]

I realized that this may spoil the episode for our west coast friends, and I don’t know the rules in this thread regarding that.

I appreciate it. :slight_smile: (Although I don’t get back from work in time to accidentally open the thread.)

Rita was the hot MILF. Stacy’s cute. I can stand for her to stay on the show another week. Beyond that, I like that the ‘best laid plans’ were put in jeaopardy. When things go according to plan, the show can be too predictable. Now that Lisi’s gone, there’s really no one to hate. There’s no one I’m really cheering on so I’m hoping that all of the twists will rock the alliances. (Actually, I guess I’m hoping Yau Man will win. But even though the vote puts him at risk, I’m hoping that disrupting plans will make for better TV.)