Survivor Season 43

Has everyone lost interest in this show, because it debuts tonight (9/21/22) and nobody has started a thread on it yet!

2 hour premiere

Can’t wait.

I feel like I have to keep watching. I don’t like some of the new twists - they get confusing. But I’ll be tuned in!

Probst did say they’re dropping the hourglass twist and Do or Die. I imagine they’ll add some new ones though.

Yep. I’m looking forward to it, but I usually catch up on the shows later in the evening or next day.

I think the did it to save money and reduce the production cycle, but I don’t like that they cut the days down. 39 days was a good amount.

I still watch every episode and have for half my life(2000-2022).

We have watched every season.

Great start! No celebs, no retreads, just likable folks. And more emphasis on camp craft.

Why did they eliminate the woman they did, rather than the woman who was primarily the cause of the loss? Sorry, it’s too soon for me to know names, I mean the woman who did the Dig Under the Log so slowly that team was put way, way behind AND because of that they were stuck with the worst of the table games on top of that.

From what I could tell it was basically friendships. Jeanine (the one who struggled in the challenge digging, I think) and Elie were tight. So they basically had to chose either Morriah or Owen to go, and went with keeping the stronger player.

I think both Owen and Morriah were a little to relaxed in getting a strong ally, but at least Owen’s (Elie, I think) stood up for him and kept him in the game. Nobody was willing to rock the boot to save Morriah.

Has Probst died his hair brown?

I’m always surprised that people want to make a gendered alliance at or before the first challenge.

At that point you have no idea of someone’s strengths and it just seems like having more data than chromosome makeup should play a more-significant reason to make that kind of choice.

I’ve noticed in a lot of these game theory type challenges people think it’s right by default to hide their intentions even when it’s not. In the “risk your vote” game if you plan to risk your vote, you should be upfront about your intentions. Gabler said his bluff was called, but it didn’t make sense to bluff in the first place.

If instead you were to say upfront that you plan to risk your vote no matter what, it makes it less likely for the other players to also want to risk their vote, and makes it more likely that you’ll get the advantage. By bluffing that you might not risk your vote and then risking it anyway, all you are doing is making it more appealing for the other players to also risk their vote.

My exact point. But it could be because at strategy the tribe decided that a small skinny person had a better shot than a strong digger. That idea was proven false. Obviously she is the weakest link.

I noticed a slight change in his hair and also it seemed that when he was on camera during Tribal, it looked like they had him filtered a little bit so he would look younger.

Probst looks freakier every season. He reminded me of Mathew Modine’s character from Stranger Things this season!

It also looked like his pupils were the size of saucers during Tribal Council!

Dude, enough with the plastic surgery just age gracefully!


Well, I guess it’s fair to say nobody is really into this season, eh?

Beware Advantages too easy to execute. Very predictable boots so far. Way too many soft-focus backstories (in my opinion). Combining reward and immunity challenges just to fill the time with puff pieces isn’t a great trade-off.

About the only good thing in this episode was the old guy faking being an idiot and the smug look on the ones that thought they fooled him. But even that didn’t get a payoff… maybe next week.

It’s boring so far. I’m a massive fan, but this one has been dull so far.

I would never open a “beware” idol. It’s not worth it.

As is often the case in the early going, with a lot of players and only so much screen time to go around.

There’s always potential; it’s too early to say yet whether that potential will be realized this season.

I will say I’m not a fan of the “journeys” the producers seem to have become so fond of. There’s only so many times you can watch three people walk up a hill before it becomes a bore (and I believe that number is 1), and we already know what the dilemma will be. It’s just not interesting anymore.

Yeah. Zero Survival stuff. Most long sob/backstories and talking about who they want to vote off.

Right. Sure they need a chance to chat, talk and bond, but they could do that sitting down. The two guys did a very nice thing this time, however.