Survivor: Cambodia 11/18: "Witches Coven"

I won’t argue with your larger point, although I think this has been a far better season than you seem to think it has been.

I can’t see all three of them making it - if that six is the final six then the girls and one of the guys will work to pick off the other two guys. Which is why it might make sense for the guys to break up the girls before it gets to final six. And also why I wouldn’t be completely shocked if the Spencer/Stephen/Jeremy thing is extremely temporary.

Jeremy is getting a really good edit, so he’s definitely who I’d bet on at this point. But I’m also a bit worried he could join James’ School of Going Home With Two Idols In Your Pocket.

Yeah, almost certainly. Kind of a free vote, really. It will be interesting to see what he does (if anything) to try to stave that off.

I’d like to show you something that has been reported on another site. Someone said that one of the players said something in their exit interview that should be most interesting to any fans of this show. But I don’t know how to access specific exit interviews and so I can’t verify whether this is true or not.

I will put a link in the following spoiler box so that anyone who is interested may verify for themselves whether this is truthful or not.

Apparently, if this is not a hoax or a fake report, someone said that one of the players made a very wild claim on their exit interview.

But one of this season’s players said something in their exit interview that you may find interesting. If no such claim was made, I would think that many of the people on that site would have raised quite a fuss about it. But that didn’t happen. Instead they all seem to be taking it seriously. Anyway, here it is:

"There's something that will happen in the game that's never happened.." - Survivor Sucks

It was claimed that one of the people who was voted off said that, “[Fans] can expect the second half of the season to be truly epic. **There’s something that will happen in the game that’s never happened in 15 years and 30 seasons of Survivor.” **XXXXXX said it in his exit interview.

Most people seem to be speculating that Joe wins every single immunity challenge right up to the end. I think that would be hilarious because the rest of the players will undoubtedly moan and groan and lose their minds and the longer it went on, the more rabid they would become. It should make for some wonderful viewing. I sure do hope it is true - meaning that one of the players did in fact report this and that the speculation about Joe will become true.

I XXX’d out their name just to be on the safe side.


Didn’t JT, in his original appearance, make a run of the ICs? He also won with all the votes at the FTC and never once had his name written down at the regular TCs


I really don’t know. I don’t even recall who JT was. Surprising that when a season is running, I seem to know all the players but as soon as a season ends, they all just fade into the past.

Only some of the funny moments linger. Like when people said they would be big stars as a result of this Reality Show craze. That didn’t reallyl work out very well for them.

I’d be interested if you would take a blank sheet of paper and write down as many of the player’s names you can remember from Season One. That should be much easier than any of the other seasons. Shouldn’t it? I’d be surprised if anyone could remember more than just a handful of the names.

I get the same thing, at times. I’m a huge Survivor fan, but I’m always surprised when one of the winners is mentioned and I can’t ever remember who they were.

JT comes to mind here mostly because he was a big favorite (good at all aspects of the game, but not a huge ego) in his original season, and he’s the guy who aligned with Fish in that season and took him to the end with him. They were unlikely friends as JT was a farm boy from the south, and Fish was a corporate consultant from the NY.

JT’s most memorable moment might have been when he had a tooth knocked out during the challenge and threw it awY to keep on playing.

In his original season, maybe. But his love letter and gift of an idol to Hantz in Heroes vs. Villians is what I’ll always remember him for.

Yeah, that was a huge blunder which ended up with Parvati playing two idols and taking him out.

In his original season, JT and Fish had kind of a Joe Buck, Ratzo Rizzo thing going.

My program guide says a 2 hour episode this week. I guess that is two tribal councils.

Don’t they do a clip episode around the holidays because they figure a lot of people are traveling and will miss the episode?

Not sure. It’s a 2 hour Survivor this week.

Two hours of clips!

Is it? Are we sure of that? I can’t tell if you are joking.

I could be mistaken, but I seem to remember that the episode around a major holiday is usually clips and previously unaired footage from previous weeks. IIRC, there isn’t anyone voted out that week.

The summary on lists 2 different episode titles, and the description says 2 more people are voted out. So it certainly sounds like normal shows.

The summary on CBS has a little more detail, so I’ll spoil it:

More crappy weather, the reward challenge where you bring some sporting equipment or clothes or something to a local school, then cry when you see how cute the kids are, and "the voting block strategy continues.

Right the preview last week did indicate the non-stop rain was coming in the next episode.

They always used to do a clip episode in the middle of the Spring season because of the NCAA Basketball tournament and in Fall because of Thanksgiving, but that was when the show was on Thursdays. I don’t think they do them anymore.

I’ve been fooled before, thinking they wouldn’t air a new ep on Thanksgiving, but they did. This was probably 10 years ago, but I do remember scrambling around on T-Day to get in front of a TV to see it. That was back when Survivor was on Thursdays. Having said that, if it’s 2 hours, it’s most likely a recap. No interest in that!

As stated above, according to TV guide and CBS, it’s not a recap. It’s 2 new episodes back to back.

Oh, OK. Wow, doubling down on the holiday crowd. Wed is the big travel day in the US, so I wonder what they’re thinking is. Maybe DVRs change everything?