Survivor: Cambodia 11/18: "Witches Coven"

They haven’t done recap shows for awhile.

Plus, there are too many players left for the number of episodes remaining. 10 contestants, 5 weeks before Christmas and the end of the Season, assuming last episode airs on December 23rd. So we need to eliminate 7, maybe 8 contestants in 5 weeks. Two this week, then one a week on Dec. 2nd, 9th, & 16th. That gets us to final five. Maybe there will be another double-elimination or somebody quits or gets a medical evac to get us down to final four for the finale on the 23rd.

I’m guessing this week’s eliminations will be boring Pagong-style obvious and that’s why they’re doubling up. Maybe Kelley and Ciera. But maybe not…this season hasn’t really progressed logically from episode to episode so could easily be wrong on that one.

Note: I’m not spoiled for anything this season, all of the above is pure speculation on my part.

I just watched the one with Wiggleworth. It’s funny, Savage seems to still think he’s playing the game. He’s forming an alliance with Wigglesworth against Kass and stirring up shit. WTF?

Also, what is Ponderosa all about? I always thought it was a sponsorship of Ponderosa Steakhouse, but there is no product placement, no logos, not even an ad on the CBS website. Ponderosa isn’t even a national chain, so it would be a huge waste of money to spend so much on sponsorship on such a large scale for such a popular show.

If it isn’t sponsored by Ponderosa Steakhouse, why isn’t there a name sponsor? You’d think companies would be lining up to sponsor it for all the mentions it gets and the amount of space it takes up on the CBS website.

Sorry, I was joking.

I always assumed it was named after Ponderosa, the name of the ranch in the TV show Bonanza; as in, “meanwhile, back at the ranch…”

Yes, I think Ponderosa is just a synonym for Jury House. No corporate Tie-Ins.

Its been a looooooong time since there was a Survivor clip show. Thank goodness.