Survivor: One World May 2 2012 "It's gonna be Chaos"

Yeah, her getting down on all fours almost seemed like a Pavlovian response.:eek:

Just another post to say the blindside was sweet. Not that I think Kat is evil or anything; and Tarzan is right they should vote out the ‘thinkers’ (preferably Alicia; I like Sabrina); but…


And yes, I did notice the Kimstache.

And yes, Kat’s doggie routine was… unusual behaviour.

Spoilered notes from the Ponderosa Videos about the next tribal vote.
(Or rather Kat’s opinion of the voting blocks left on the island)

Kat: Alicia has 2 votes; Tarzan: Tarzan will do anything she says so we can have honestly anybody coming back tonight but it’s not gonna be Tarzan cause he’s going to the final 4. And it’s not gonna be Christina, so guaranteed it’s gonna be Chelsea Sabrina or Kim. It’s gonna be one of the big dogs. So Take care. Comb your hair.
Sorry to include that last line, but I had to. :rolleyes:
I would’ve sworn Tarzan’s allegiance lay with Kim, but I guess not

I’m very upset with the revelation that Alicia is stronger than I had hoped. She’s the only one left on the island I have a problem with.

I loved Kat’s complaint after losing the immunity challenge too. “Kim’s so much older than me! Do you know how embarrassing it is to lose to someone who’s 28!”

And yet another WTF quote - “If there is no blindside, then touché.”

And from the post-tribal goodbye - she’s going to have to beg Jeff to come back on the show to redeem herself? I don’t think that’s how it works.

I was impressed by Tarzan tonight on a couple of occasions. Really of all the people Kat didn’t choose he was in the best position to be a jerk about it but even when she was not there he wasn’t badmouthing her. He realized that she wasn’t being strategic she was just looking forward to having a good time on the reward and that she probably (really) didn’t realize the impact that spending time with his wife would have had for him.

They’re also starting to show his strategy a little more. Apparently Kat believes that Alicia is pulling his strings but he’s shown declaring pretty clearly to Kim that she’s in control of his vote. She might not be, but he’s made her believe that he’s completely loyal to her.

I don’t really think the testosterone voting block will support him because his loyalty to the women both started the disposal of the other men and completed it with the Troyzan vote. While it’s been a couple of low drama weeks watching Kim take and keep control I expect that it will get a little more intense as Kim gave into the group on tonight’s vote and she’ll need to try and bring that power back in and find a new final 3.

On the other hand, the point of the game is to defeat your opponents. Giving your opponent quality time with a loved one might bolster the opponent (not to your advantage) whereas depriving them of this luxury might demoralize them (to your advantage).

Not that Kat would be capable of reasoning this out when making her decision.

Yeah, wasn’t that really … disturbing?

I still don’t understand why they didn’t get rid of Tarzan this time, just to make it a clean sweep. Keeping him around so that he can be a swing vote seems very risky to me.

I, too, would have given Tarzan the night with his wife. I love you, Dad, but it’s not the same as having my husband around.

Gah, I’m so sick of these stupid hidden idols. Ok, so she has an idol. Has she played it at any tribal yet? Why not? Because she’s confident that someone else will get the plurality of votes, perhaps? Ok, so Sabrina’s job is to keep Kim having that confidence while at the same time getting enough others to vote for her. Hmm, there should be a name for a strategy like that . . . I think I’ll call it a “blindside”.

I don’t get the big deal about not seeing or spending time with your family at this point of the game.

It’s day 33, you will see them in 6-8 days. I know it sucks because they are right there, but really you should be able to wait.

I think it would be worse if your family arrived on day 10 and you knew you wouldn’t see them again for another month.


I agree. I think the producers must encourage them to pretend like they haven’t seen the family member in years. Gotta’ have that drama.

Uh, it kind of is how many players get asked back.

Really? They beg Jeff? I’d think Jeff and the rest of producers come up with who they think they’d want to bring back, not wait for players to ask them. But then again, touché.

My comment wasn’t about this week in particular. Just the general, inexplicable fealty to Kim.

I don’t agree at all with the idea that the guys are going to vote as a bloc for Tarzan. Not a chance. Nobody likes him, and he has done absolutely nothing worthy of winning. The only reward or immunity he’s won was as a part of a group, and he’s shown zero initiative or leadership. Kim wins it in a landslide if she makes it to the final, and it looks like Sabrina is in second.

Reward challenges are so much better than Redemption Island.

What if the final 3 are Christina, Alicia and Tarzan? I know I’m feeling like the least of those 3 evils is Tarzan. And if those three survive the next vote, they’ll be a voting bloc of 3 at 5 people. This is only possible because everyone is looking at Kim and Sabrina.

I would say the order of likelyhood of winning:
Chelsea and Sabrina are about even

If Kim goes against Tarzan, she just needs to say to the guys that she stuck with her female alliance, while Tarzan betrayed his.

Do you think Troy will tell Kat that if she’d voted with him as he’d asked her to last week, they’d both still be in the game?

I don’t think anyone will waste any breath trying to say anything about strategy to Kat.

“Duh, I don’t want to catch ‘in the game’. It sounds bad.”