Survivor: One World May 2 2012 "It's gonna be Chaos"

Good episode. Spoilers past this post.

I am so glad they voted off Kat. The look on her face was classic.

That was sort of funny, going from “A blindside would really be sorta cool beans! Touche’!” to crying her way out after being blindsided.

She really does have the most mesmerizing set of eyes I’ve ever seen, though.

I felt for sure Alicia was a goner, when the editors led with her boasting about how she was in charge of the game.

The Sprint loved ones episode. After so many Sprint seasons, it’s no Sprint surprise that the Sprint family members are on the Sprint island. Did anybody notice that Sprint was a Sprint, even though they Sprint the Sprint on the Sprint? What the Sprint was up with that?

Kat is such a fucking moron, and she’s one of the most self-centered people I’ve ever seen. And what the hell was up with her and her cousin and their weird greeting celebration thing? That was scary! I hope Kat never has children–we don’t want that level of stupid in the gene pool.

That blindside was awesome! I am going to rewatch Kat’s tearful post-tribal video over and over and laugh my ass off.

My wife asked if that was her cousin or boyfriend.

I said, “Both, I think.”

wow! We had the same conversation at our house.

Also- I enjoyed seeing Kat’s teary exit- she was sobbing as she walked out but even better than that was the look on her face as Jeff was reading her name off the vote sheets.

That was pretty. Classic blindside.

What’s with the blurring out of side-ass? It looked like they were going to pixelate the entire line there for a bit during the Immunity Challenge.

Kat seems to have three facial expressions: Stunned, confused, and blissfully unaware.

Actually, the fact that imho Kim is a dead certain lock for a win in the game- and the fact that everyone knows it and is doing nothing to stop her is making this a rather dull season. Not to mention the Pagonging off the guys, but that was their fault.

It is maddening to me when one player is pulling all the strings, everybody knows it, and yet they all just meekly bow to his/her will. Why does nobody ever have the balls to make a play against the person in the catbird’s seat? It’s like everyone is playing for second place.

Also, did anyone else notice that Kim seems to be growing a handsome moustache?

Yeah, at this point the only thing that can stop Kim is Sabrina wising up to the fact her name is getting thrown around and trying to surprise her. But I don’t think she’ll be able to do it because 1) Chelsea seems to seem to want to go to a final 3 with Kim, and 2) Kim still has an idol.

But man, good to see Kat go after acting like such an idiot for the whole episode (and charitably as “blissfully unaware” the rest of the game). And yeah, she did seem a bit too close to her cousin (they live together?)

Kim is basically the Tom Westman of this season. Just like Tom, she’s leading her tribe to completely eliminate the other, is a huge physical threat, and has masterfully kept her entire alliance under control WHILE keeping outliers (Christina/Tarzan for Kim, Caryn/Coby/Janu for Tom) in line. Makes for a dull-ish season, but if she strongarms the endgame as well as Tom did, it’ll be quite a feat.

That being said, she isn’t all-powerful. I wonder if having Kat gone will weaken her position? …Probably not.

“We work together, we live together, we breed together.”

Okay, so maybe it was “breath,” but it sure sounded like breed given the context. There’s definitely some incest happening there.

Again no votes for Tarzan. There is a lot of testosterone on that jury and they all were voted out by the woman’s alliance. I’m starting to believe that taking him to the final three is not a good idea. I thought Kim played it smart. She didn’t want Kat to go but went along and was solemn during the end. I think she can get Kat’s vote by telling her she argued against voting her off but just couldn’t convince the others. I didn’t find Kat all that annoying. People see her as self centered and full of self pity but that’s really how most people act on Survivor and off. Mature people are just more subtle about it. I would have much rather seen Alicia get the boot.

Kim had immunity, so I’m not sure what you wanted them to do this week. Maybe vote out one of her closest allies? If I were to pick such a target it would either be Chelsea or Kat.

It was so very distracting. Good lord, get that woman some wax or bleach or whatever.

I believe they are all the same face!

Kinda like Blue Steel and Magnum.

So why are they keeping Tarzan around? If it’s to be a non-vote-getting warm body in the Final 3, there’s probably someone else who thinks she’s going to be in the final 3 who should be saying “wait a minute…we can’t all be in the final 3”.

They had better target him pretty quick, or all the guys on the jury are going to make a testosterone voting block that will be hard to break.