Survivor Poll: Who do you want to win? (spoiler?)

If you were somehow on the final jury, who would you pick to win the $1,000,000? (As of this post, the remaining survivors are Elisabeth, Nick, Rodger, Amber, Colby, Keith, and Tina)

I myself (for some reason) would pick Colby. I kinda feel sorry for him being the focus of Jerri’s attention so long. (Man, that’s going to be an awkward reunion, eh?)

If he doesn’t make it, either Rodger or Keith.

Then Elisabeth or Nick.

Then Tina.

Amber’s my odd-man-out. She’s such a non-entity on the show. I think without her friend Jerri, she’ll be out soon anyway. But if she somehow makes it to the final vote, she wouldn’t get mine (to win).

I don’t want Colby to win. I would rather see Rodger or Tina win - both seem to contribute without so much whining. Though I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nick win - he’s been very low key, very under the radar. I think you’re right that Amber is next to go, followed by Keith.

Though I doubt she’s going to win, my vote would be for Amber. Why?

  • She’s cute
  • semi-hometown girl (near Pittsburgh)

Now that Jerri’s gone, she could try and get closer to Tina & Elisabeth to hang on a little longer. I’m betting that she’s a little smarter than we’ve seen so far - she can make friends, win an immunity somewhere, and get pretty far in this thing.

Colby’s probably gonna win though…

I think that Nick is going to be the next to go because he’s a bigger threat than Amber. Ogakor is going to pick off Kucha one by one now. First Nick, then Rodger, then Elisabeth. After all of them are gone Colby and Amber will vote off Keith (Amber’s secretly in love with Colby and will do anything he asks her to. She never showed it before because of Jerri!) and then Colby and Tina will vote off Amber and it will just be Colby and Tina. How’s that for a synopsis!

If I were on the jury I’d be inclined to vote for Colby because he had to endure Jerri hanging all over him but Tina’s been a real trooper too. It would be a hard decision.

My choices would be as follows:

  1. Rodger (Kentucy Joe)–Nice guy, competent, knew how to play the game (he was smarter than he let on and let others get away with various antics without losing his cool).
  2. Keith–Competent, decent person; he contributed and endured a lot.
  3. Colby–A powerful competitor.
  4. Elizabeth–A good person, came in under the radar and played the game well.
  5. Tina–Too manipulative for my taste.
  6. Amber–What did she do, other than be Jerri’s lapdog?
  7. Nick–Lazy, whiny, why is he still here?

My choices from first to last

1 - Elisabeth - seems like a nice person and good looking
2 - Rodger - also seems like a nice person but his looks do nothing for me
3 - Amber - an apparent non-entity
4 - Keith - bitchy at times but not too bad
5 - Nick - seems to be trying to ride through on nothing but charm
6 - Tina - by voting against Kel and Maralyn she backstabbed two allies; poor morals and poor gamesmanship
7 - Colby - don’t like him for a number of reasons

Roger. Definately Roger. Probably the smartest and nicest guy on the show.

Mmm…dunno. Surprisingly, I still don’t have a clear enough picture at this point.

Nick - He’s whiny, but not all that whiny, and not even close to the most annoying Kucha member. Question is, now that he knows how vulnerable he is, can he do anything about it? A repeat of Kelly’s improbable run to the final seems unlikely.

Tina - I’m actually warming up to her; she’s mature and seems to know what she’s doing, and she’s also smart enough not to let personal feelings get in the way during Tribal Council time. (I’m absolutely sure she didn’t enjly voting for Maralyn.) Nonetheless, is she really strong enough to make it to the end? It’s almost certainly going to take at least a couple of immunity challenges.

Rodger - He’s a deserving winner, but again, can he protect himself if ex-Ogakor goes for the easy kill again? I haven’t seen anything other than a little bonding with Keith. Believe me, I was never a fan of Richard, but I’d like to see the champ sweat it out at least a little on the way.

Keith - I appreciate what he’s had to put up with, but now that Jerri’s out of the way, this just puts him in the spotlight. Can he handle it?

Colby - He’s a strong competitor, but pretty temperamental, and as the days go by, he’ll get more and more room to run. Another deserving winner, but I’m far from sure if I’d like this.

Elisabeth - Again, she’d be a popular winner (a la Colleen); the question is if she can actually do it.

Amber - A cipher. Associating so closely with Jerri was a blunder. It’s gonna hurt.

So I really can’t say. I’ll probably know better once it gets down to the last four. If I had to pick a favorite now…mmm…Colby. But extremely tentatively.

I think at this point I would be happy with any of the remaining Survivors winning (except for Jerri’s lapdog Amber). I do sort of hope to see a Kucha win it though. I guess my vote will go for Rodger.

I like Elisabeth the best for general likeability and being a good sport.

Keith is second for excellent strategy and the ability to manage his stress fairly well.

Colby is next for good strategy and physical ability, but he lashes out too often. Yes, I know it was all at Jerri, but who’s to say someone else won’t be next now that she’s gone?

Rodger is ~very~ likeable, but I don’t like the “voluntary” meal prayers. I know that no one has to join in, but who wouldn’t given the possible consequences-- vote off the ungrateful HEATHEN! (If it was first established that everyone was Christian or was OK with it, I’ll put him before Colby, but I’ll bet he just assumed and no one had the guts to comment on it.)

Tina was going to be last for going through Kel’s pack. That was a BIG no-no in my book, but then I remembered she gave up immunity for Keith. That ups her to number 5.

Nick is at 6 only because I haven’t seen much of him. Makes me think he’s going to last a while.

Amber = Jerri’s bitch
I’m curious to see what she does now. My opinion may change if she proves herself to be worthy.

Then of course, all of this will probably change with each upcoming episode and it has nothing to do with who I think will actually win.

I like Rodger and Elisabeth equally.
I’d be happy with Keith, too.
I don’t think either Nick or Amber have a chance.

I think Colby will be gone either this week or next week.

Tina drops on my list because of the Kel incident, but if it comes down to her and someone else, with Keith on the jury, he better remember when she gave up that immunity for him.

Colby’s out of here in the next couple weeks. He’s an immunity threat and has nobody with whom he’s particularly allied.

My best guess right now is that Keith will win. But who should win? Well, there simply must be more Elisabeth! Yow.

In a previous post, I speculated that Amber could be a stronger contestant than she appears. Allying with Jerri sort of made sense; as others have said, anyone would look good in comparison. Amber has managed to avoid making any enemies or appearing as a major threat; others will probably focus on more immediate targets. And Amber has shown she can be a loyal follower, a trait that will encourage others to ally with her. Amber can then go back to quietly riding with the pack, letting other people be the nails that get hammered down. And in the final show she could be standing next to someone who’s spent the last five weeks making enemies.

  1. Tina - I warmed to her later in the game, especially when she gave up immunity for Keith.

  2. Elisabeth - Seems very likeable; even Jerri admitted it!

  3. Rodger - Once again, seems nice.

  4. Keith - I like Keith because he dislikes Jerri.

  5. Colby - A bit too manipulative … but as others have said, he deserves something for putting up with Jerri’s affections.

  6. Amber - I’ve associated her with Jerri for far too long to change now.

  7. Nick - I wanted him out ages ago. He seems useless and I don’t know how he’s survived this long.

I’ll be happy if either Keith, Elisabeth or Rodger wins, for reasons other people have stated.

I’ve got nothing against Nick. I think he’s been stereotyped as a lazy-ass (to quote one of David B’s colleagues), and people don’t really understand him.

An unlikely Amber win wouldn’t affect me either way.

I agree with what people have said about liking Tina better now. Going through Kel’s pack was REPREHENSIBLE, stabbing Mad Dog in the back only slightly less so, but I liked it that she was honest with Liz last week.