Survivor: Samoa Pool

We had one for the last couple of Survivors and I figure we need one for this one as well.

Can you believe a new Survivor starts in two weeks?

Anyway, join the pool and have some fun!

Fun Office Pools

Name of Pool: Cecil’s Survivor

Password: cecil



I’m in. hoping for more participants than last season. a 2-way tie for the win among 5 players… not so satisfying.

PS - anyone doing an SDMB SYTYCD pool this season?

I’m in! I didn’t know there was one for Survivor last season. I played the last American Idol, and it was fun!

Good, glad to see people joining up. The show comes on in a week.

You can join late, but you will be behind on points.

Sign-up, everyone!

I’m in!!

I’d suck at a Survivor pool – I can never tell what’s coming next – but might be up for SYTYCD and/or DWTS.

I don’t know how to run them, but I would play The Amazing Race, too.

I am in, Lets hope I remember to do this everyweek. the site says it sends emails.

It does and if you check the Game Room Thread here, we should have some discussion ongoing.

Two days to go! Sign up, folks!

24 hours left! Sign up!

I just posted a link to this thread in the survivor thread in Cafe Society. Maybe you can add a few more players.

I signed up, but I gotta say, I really don’t understand how that thing works. Maybe over the next few weeks I can figure it out…

Everybody needs to get their picks in before showtime!

singular1, you have 20 points to split amongst the people you feel are most likely to go home. That’s your “weekly picks.”

You also have another pick called “overall” - pick who you think will win the whole thing. Read their bios, and take a guess! It’s very hard in the beginning, before we even get to see them in action.

Thanks Rebo, I didn’t know to pick an overall winner. In fact, when I went back I couldn’t even find it until I saw the listing on the left hand side of the screen.

Apparently there are three other people who didn’t make an overall pick, (Gimme Somoa aka singular1, The Winner aka LadyVenom, and Onrider

Woo hoo! Now I can really tell my wife “I told you so!” …or not!

I have absolutely NO IDEA what I am doing, but I’m in. I virtually guarantee that whoever I pick to get eliminated will end up winning, and the person I pick to win will finish no better than fourth.

Ditto. (I’d be willing to run it, if someone could show me how.)

I’m in - having not seen or heard a single thing about this season.

Looking at bios, decided I’d go for the “pick the eldest female” strategy but both of them look fairly strong - police officer and marine sgt. Although that could work against them, so betting on one or the other annoying some of their tribemates.

Yeah, CBS has been pretty low key this year with the advertising of the show. Then again, I barely watch CBS.