Survivor season 1 on OLN

Interesting to see it again. Everything had to be explained in detail since no one had seen it before and the Tribal Council was overly dramatized. There was a combined reward/immunity challenge as well.

Some observations -

They were given all kinds of food/fishing equipment/etc. These days the people get nothing.

This still has to be the best collection of survivors ever put together. While some were pretty quiet, Rudy, BB, Susan, Rich, Gervace, Jenna - all excellent to watch.

In the first episode, the least seen people were Greg and Coleen. Of course she hadn’t broken out the bikini yet and he kept a lid on his wackiness.

What is OLN? Do many people get that network?

Outdoor Life Network. The same channel that has carried the Tour de France.

I think it is a fairly standard cable offering.

It was certainly interesting to see again, and yeah, they got a ton of equipment (even fire on day 3!!!) !

It would be interesting to see what happened to the not-famous people from the show, if they were able to go back to “normal” life.

Thanks Lamar Mundane, I checked my guide and I do get that channel. What is the schedule for Survivor? Thanks again!


6 PM repeated at 9 PM MDT every day. 1 episode a day.

I would think that Mark Burnett’s original labor of love, Ecochallenge, would be a more natural fit for OLN.

Damn I miss that show.

I loved the first season of Survivor, most of the players were so naive.

It’s also fun to see how the people initially react with each other since we know how they end up aligning/hating those very same people. Kudos to Richard hatch for being pretty much the only reality contestant to ever actually win after uttering some version of the idea that “The million dollar check is already mine.”

You can also tell that the budget has grown quite nicely. The production and sound seemed well below what we are now used to seeing. I wonder if the challenge sets will actually be simpler as well.

But he said the same thing in All-Stars with very different results.

I only started watching Survivor for the last 2-3 episodes of Season 1, so this was fun. In addition to the novelty of seeing Jeff explain the rules of Tribal Council, two things struck me:

Richard and Rudy didn’t vote the same way. Did they not have an alliance? Or wasn’t it forged until after the first TC?

The production values seemed very different – camera angles, editing, even sound quality are different than a more current version.

This is just a weensy little nitpick: They still do this, every time, for the first challenge. {For example, if you watched the latest installment (“Survivor: Palau” with my Dearly Beloved Dolphin Boy), when Koror won the first IC, they also got to keep the flint they “liberated” from the game course.} This first combined challenge is “Survivor”'s One True Thing, I think. 'Cept for maybe the “Car Curse.”

I didn’t start watching Survivor until late, probably the Marquesas season, but I do have the Season 1 DVD, and I gotta say: Richard is good, but Brian Heidik is better. It’s always nice to have the Benchmark to refer back to, though.

Oh, and remember when “alliance” was a dirty word?