Survivor Season 30 (spoilers)

Very glad we will be seeing no more of creepy stalker guy and his crazy eyes.

He ran out of gas and it impacted his thinking more than his mobility. He had the ball twisted on the guide rope and it wouldn’t move and he couldn’t figure out how to untangle it. Once he got the ball clear he hit the platform pretty quickly so it didn’t seem swimming related at all.
I’m really glad Vince the creep is gone. His entire “I’m a man and he’s just a child” speech was pretty surreal given how childishly he was acting.

Also Jenn reminds me of someone pretty strongly but I couldn’t place it last night. It was mainly when she smiled if that helps. Does she look like an actress? If it’s someone I know IRL I guess this isn’t going to work out to solve my problem for me :wink:

I dunno about an actress, but she reminds me of one of my high school students.

And the fact that he and Joe are all of 7 years apart.

A-men! But it probably wasn’t a smart move for the tribe. The older, deaf lady has to go. She’s bad for morale around camp, and isn’t good at challenges. Still, Vince-the-coconut-creep had to go at some point, so maybe now is as good a time as any.

I’ve got to say, for being a “Hearing Advocate”, Nina’s doing a pretty crappy job. “I don’t want to be the person who says ‘What?’ all the time”, so instead, she just stews when people have a conversation around her and she can’t hear what they’re saying?

Christy Smith from Survivor Amazon did not do much better. It is hard to cooperate on challenges when you can not hear. The social game suffers too.

I don’t remember which one Jenn is, but one of the girls on the No Collar tribe looks very much like former Survivor player Abi-Maria.

I can kinda relate… I won’t ever claim to have hearing damage or deficiency, but in loud places my hearing sometimes gets a bit “fritzy” and I have trouble hearing people and it’s easier to just nod and say “yeah” and agree with whatever the other person is saying. But… I certainly wouldn’t ever throw a hissy fit about it. That was a pretty bad move and lost a lot of respect from me. Especially since the tipping point was apparently the girls going off to swim without inviting her, when the girls didn’t really invite each other either - one just said “I’m going swimming” and the other followed!

I’m fine with them voting off Creepy Stalker Guy, but I can’t see No Collar going far in this game. Nina and Will just seem like weak players all-around. Well, okay, Will might have some social game, but he seems like he won’t be able to hold up physically and win any challenges. The two girls, at least right now, seem like they’ll be the classic pretty faces who just let other people lead them around and never figure out how to run the game themselves. Joe has the best chance but I’m not sure he has the cunning.

Reading on Wikipedia, I found out that So was originally supposed to be on last season (Blood vs Water 2) but dropped out when her sister got sick. That makes it suck even more… she’s probably thinking “man, if I only got to play with my sister instead of stupid Joaquin and his stupid ‘we have to Deceive’ box…”

The two young girls on the no-collar tribe are very high-school clique-y, which I find very annoying. Girls who always get their way and act bratty if they don’t. (Jenn more so that the other one, forgot her name).
That said, Nina over-reacted and put a target on her own back.

Agree that Vince was creepy as hell, but I think Will made a poor choice. At best, he’s fourth in a four-person alliance. At worst, he’s not even *in *the alliance; they just used him for his vote. Even if Will, Nina and Vince weren’t great players, a strong alliance of three can go far in this game, which is what Joe, Jenn, and the other girl are now.

One of the No-Collar girls is a law student aiming to represent the ‘poor and downtrodden’. Her compassion doesn’t extend to deaf people, apparently.

I feel bad for Nina. I work with deaf people, and it doesn’t have to be a huge deal to communicate, if you are willing to make a little bit of effort. And Nina speaks and lipreads extremely well. But Survivor is a cutthroat game. Even without the deafness, she is older and weak in challenges. She is in a tough spot. Telling Will that Vince said he was weak was just dumb. I feel like she said that on purpose to make drama, so she lost my sympathy a bit there.

I like how the White Collar tribe is turning out slightly loopy.

Maybe like a trashy Leelee Sobieski?

Show of hands, ladies…if you have to choose to remove one half of your swim suit, how many would choose the bottom? That just seemed … odd.

Tyler, the former admin, played football for my alma mater, so I have to root for him.

My son was also confused by that, so I had to explain that keeping the, uh, lower region dry is far more important and more difficult than keeping your breasts dry. A wet swimsuit bottom is the devil. As far as why she didn’t just remove the top as well…it’s inconvenient to have those things swinging around while you’re hopping around on rocks and bending up and down.

Vince aka Creepy eyes did really well on the challenge, so it really was a stupid strategic move to vote him out at this point.

Nina might be hard of hearing, but she makes up for it with her mouth. Had she not blabbed to Will that Vince was aiming to vote him out, her alliance might not have crumbled right before her very eyes. Now’s she next on the chopping block, and Will is close behind.

Will, why would you vote in a way that guarantees you’ll be 4th instead of (at the very least) 3rd?

Jenn really reminds me of someone, as well, but I cannot put my finger on it.

In general, I think it’s a good idea to eliminate irrational players (like Vince) first; they’re unpredictable and dangerous. However, I got the impression that this was the result of a rogue vote by Will and not an organized strategic move.

Your primary goal at this stage should be to keep the tribe strong so that you don’t have to keep picking your own tribesman off. There have been so many tribes who made the mistake of picking off the strong and popular players too early in the game. It usually results in an almost complete decimation of that tribe.

That’s more (and very) true when there are two tribes. With three tribes you get a bigger margin of error.

Birds, stones, etc. It seems to be working.

How is coconut vendor a profession? Where is this guy from that enough people need coconuts on a daily basis that they’ll go to him for their coconut-buying needs?

Hm… who won that season? Oh, yeah…

Good to see that they’re getting more and more people who do a little research and learn how to make fires before they go on Survivor. Now if we can convince all of them not to pack a single item of clothing they’re not comfortable wearing for an entire month… if you KNOW you’re going to be walking around and swimming in your underwear, dress accordingly.

Is she the one who was geeking out at TC, saying she’s been watching this show since she was 8 and it’s like she’s watching TV, looking across at Probst? Just a little too happy to be at Tribal Council, but cute.