Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins announce split

People Magazinereporting that they split over the summer. I’m very sad - they were my go-to long Hollywood relationship.

Both have always seemed pretty ego-driven and arrogant to me. (and I share many of their political views BTW)

He just probably upgraded to some young thing only 10 years older than he is.

There’s still a few 20+ year actor marriages floating around Hollywood I believe. Dan Akroyd and Donna Dixon, Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson all come to mind.

Pity about Sarandon and Robbins, but it happens.

Too bad. A couple of the higher profile humanists.

She just probably upgraded to some young thing. :wink: Susan Sarandon may be getting older, but she always struck me as the kind of girl who knew what to do.

And here I was just getting over my upset about John and Kate! Now this…:wink:

The article I read said there will be no further comment on the split. Let’s see if they can really hold to that.

Older looks good on Susan. Would hit.

Agreed. I like them both a lot and know this must be hard on their kids so I hope they find the privacy they need to work through such a personal matter.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together in unweddedness since 1983, according to wiki.

I agree that she’s usually stunning, but the girls could certainly do with a bit more support in this pic!

Well, if they really did break up 4-6 months ago, then I’d say they’ve been doing pretty good so far.

They had a good, no, a remarkable run. Like with ordinary mortals, when it’s over, it’s over. I’m not surprised, and not sad for them. They’re wealthy celebrities. They’ll find other partners, and when they get old and feeble will be able to afford the best care.

Get in line. And she’s available now! Hot diggity!

I volunteer.

My SO and I have been together in unweddedness since February 1981 and only last October were we able to sign some papers in Nevada to become legally “whatevered”.

As sad as this split with Sarandon and Robbins is, it points out how equally sad it is when Gay couples split after years of being together. No, there is no official divorce or paperwork to be done, but it is just as tragic and sad and difficult for everybody.

Older women like a bigger penis. Go figure.

I could really care less about this tired horrywood couple.

That is the job of her beau, at least off the red carpet. :wink:

Watching Mother Lover I note that she really looks good for a woman who is a whole (mere?) 8 years older than I. I assume she has had some work done, but considering how obvious “work” is on other actors, and how unobvious it is on her, maybe she just stayed out of the sun and didn’t smoke or drink.

It’s jerkish to come into a thread to a) make offensive jokes and b) state that you’re uninterested in the topic.

Knock it off.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

I’ve never understood this idea that there’s some huge difference in age between Sarandon and Robbins - she IS only 10 years older than him - well, 12, but rounding. That’s not really a huge difference. If they’d gotten together in 1978, sure - a teenager, and a 30 year old… at that point 12 years is a big deal. But by the time he was pushing 30, her being in her 40s isn’t exactly cradle-robbing.