Susannann - answer please :)

If the world were run by you, please tell us what you would do about the following:

Weapon Possession:
Affirmative Action:
People not from the USA:

Please be as longwinded as you like regarding each of these topics. If you can let it all out here on what you think, then I would know better your point of view regarding some of your other posts.

The reason I am stating this in the pit is that I have a feeling that this is where the discourse will inevitably go.


We’ve done tried getting her to answer right here Canuck.

She’s only interested in spouting her own ignorance, not in debating it or answering for it. But good luck anyway.

I read that. I thought if I tried asking her nicely we’d all see it was some sort of misunderstanding… I can’t see how anyone could truly be that ignorant…

You must be young. :wink:

Mozilla is the best.

101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot

Um, even Mozilla can’t prevent posting in the wrong thread.