Sushi in San Diego?

Some pals and I are doing a week in San Diego for the ComicCon, and we were wondering if anyone could recommend any decent sushi places. The easier a place is to reach from the trolley line, the better.

My favorite is Harney Sushi. It’s a little bit hipster, but it’s a fun place for out-of-towners. Plus it’s right off the main drag in Old Town (which is a touristy area easily accessible by the trolley).

If you are into volume sushi eating, the Sushi Deli line is great. Sushi Deli One (Hilcrest) and Sushi Deli Two (Downtown). Not as accessible. Not as nice. But good sushi at bargain basement prices.

Sushi Ota is great (Pacific Beach), but it’s not really accessible. It’s tucked away beside a 7-11. I guess you could take a bus. Definitely quality sushi. Definitely the most “authentic” of the restaurants I’ve recommended.

I’ll stop there, but I want to make it clear: I definitely recommend Harney Sushi as a neat place with good sushi. Plus, you are right near Old Town (aside: Old Town Mexican Cafe, while a booming tourist trap, still has the best carnitas in town and damn fine tortillas. Every other restaurant I have tried in Old Town is to be avoided at all costs).

Many thanks!

You could take the 901 bus on a very nice trip through Coronado and the Silver Strand. At the end of the Strand is the beginning of Imperial Beach. Right at that intersection is Meijo Sushi. There’s a bus stop about 100 feet away, the last one on the Strand. You can google the reviews. It’s fantastic and very reasonably priced (especially for San Diego). We go there about once a week. Don’t expect high-end decor, hipsterness or tourists. Just fresh and huge rolls and fantastic Japanese cuisine with a great price. Stay away from eating anywhere in Coronado, and I’d even throw the gaslamp district in that mix to avoid. Party in gaslamp, eat somewhere else.

Comicon is downtown, so the closest good sushi place to there is Taka. I haven’t been there so I can’t vouch for it myself, but I have heard it is quite good.