Suspected creator of one Blaster virus in custody!

Shouldn’t he be out training for the NBA?

Fuck him.

In the eye? I think it should be in the eye. Yes.

clears throat

FuK HIm IN TEH eYE!!!1!!

Yeah, but mine had a much catchier title :stuck_out_tongue:

You did miss one key point, though. This huge jerk wrote the second virus, the fuckstick that originated it is still at large.

Burn him! BURN HIM!

But does he weigh the same as a duck?

Seriously, he needs to be an example of in order to put the fear of God into scumbag virus writers.

And for goodness sake, does he have to be such a stereotype? Why can’t these guys ever be athletic, handsome, and successful?

I’m beginning to get peeved at the press. They’re tossing out “teen” as though this clown’s not an adult. He’s 18. Why don’t they say “Minneapolis man arrested” in their stories?

Personally, I think that the original writer of Blaster deserves a bit of praise. He designed a virus that a) was annoying enough to make people update their bloody systems and b) didn’t cause much permanent damage, primarily because c) it was pretty poorly written, but also because d) the author showed a great amount of restraint.

The hole exploited by the virus was fucking huge. Every version of windows released in the last 5 years (except for ME). Every single machine. Run any fucking command you want. And he gave people a month to update their systems to close this exploit, and people still sat on their fucking hands and did nothing to protect themselves.

If I’m writing this virus, and I want to make a real statement, I don’t just fucking reboot the computer a few times. My virus tries to infect other machines for an hour, and then runs ‘format c:’. Maybe that would teach people to treat computer security seriously.


Ummmm… unless he’s built like Arnold, the correct phrase in place of ‘physically imposing presence’ is ‘big fat slob.’

Sorry, that’s cruel. How about ‘the morbidly obese hacker…’


Help! The large guy is imposing me!

I seriously doubt it will. Virus writers can only get caught if they are stupid. This is not to say that they wont get caught, but the stupid ones wont think that they will get caught.

Parsons probably only got caught because he put his website on the virus.

Yup. That’s how he got caught. All you have to do is monitor an infected computer and wait for the virus to “phone home.” And if Parsons modified the virus, then he must have had the source code. The original author is still out there, somewhere.

I think this is the sort of crime where deterence can be effective. The thing about writing viruses is that it’s basically vandalism: there’s no tangible reward to the criminal for getting away with it. If the penalty is severe enough, even a miniscule chance of getting caught can be enough to scare away potential crackers.

This is one of those cases that calls for dusting off an old pillory and/or stocks, and letting people line up to throw tomatoes at the miscreant. :smiley:

Dead cats! Rocks! Get your dead cats and rocks right here! What do ye lack, sirs, what do ye lack? One a penny, two a penny, get your dead cats and rocks!

My IT department informed me this morning that my laptop was infected with the Blaster - they said it was caused by my trips to the internet, from home on a DSL line, with no firewall. Of course 90% of those journeys were to the SDMB!

There has to be a stiff penalty for this kind of vandalism - it costs millions of dollars in downtime, consulting expense, etc.

Anyone recall whatever happened to the guy who caused the “love” virus a few years ago? Did he receive jailtime?

He should be forced to use a TRS-80 4k computer with a cassette drive for the next year.

He’s a computer geek. He’d LIKE that.

Instead, put him in a cramped place with many extroverted people and no computer access.

Like prison.

IIRC, the “love” virus perpetrator received no punishment because the Philippine law did not address what he did, according to the prosecution there.