suttee and suical rights

I have to agree with Cecil’s column about suttee. When a liberal wins, somebody must die (Terry Schiavo) They could make a movie: “It’s a wonderful death.” Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls.

Are you referring to Cecil’s column What’s up with those Indian widows who commit suttee?

I don’t remember Cecil voicing an opinion as to whether Liberals are evil. But, since we’re generalizing, why are religious Conservatives so against basic human rights?

Sure, I am referring to that article, and the comments on the liberals are mine only. I do regret the confusion. Sorry, samclem. I can’t answer for all religious conservatives, but my view on human rights is one of natural law. I think that rights must come from someplace- human dignity is a fine place to start. I profoundly agree with inalienable rights. I think that a protection of basic human rights means that human life must have a certain untouchable quality- and a gift quality as well- parents can’t take us out of the world they brought us into. What is your source for human rights? Endowed by our Creator? Or gifts of the state?

Wow. And I, as a lifelong and devoutly hardnosed conservative, wonder what on earth Terry Schiavo has to do with sati.

Women who commit suttee are foreigners. Foreigners are communists. American liberals are communists. Ergo American liberals kill women. Terry Schiavo was a woman, therefore American liberals killed her. Because she was married, it was suttee. It does not matter that her husband was still alive, for he was a liberal. :smack:

Gotta admit, Muffin, that seems to add up.

Bentom: You are the reason religious conservatives have a bad name in this country. For the sake of your fellows, shut up or learn to think.


The column has absolutely nothing to do with Terry Schiavo or liberals.

Let’s close this travesty, here and now. Bentom, leave it alone.