swahili or.. what?

what does konanga* mean?

*am i spelling it correctly?

Any context to this? What’s the rest of the sentence?

My girlfriend says that a really cool thing about Swahili is that everything is spelled exactly the way it sounds…

rummaging through cheap, crappy Swahili dictionary…

No “konanga” ( and nothing under “c” because they only use it for “ch” words)… Hmm… Still lookin’ …

Checking The Kamusi Project | The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary, I get no results found.

Could you mean Kananga? If so, then it is a big city in the Congo (Zaire). Look right about in the middle of the country on a map.

Otherwise, I have no idea.

“forever. konanga <— you are mine”
maybe it is spelled wrong, but this is the context.
from an online diary i was reading.