swampbear falls in........dammit love leave me alone!

[sub]swampbear falls in…dammit love leave me alone![/sub]

Some of you may remember that when I first signed on to the Dope I mentioned someone by the name of partner from time to time. Well, partner and I have since split up. Sad, yes, but ol’ Swamp has moved on from there.

I swore to OG that love would never find me again. Lust, hell yeah, but love, never never never!!!

I met this man through some mutual friends that made the ol’ hormones stir. Course I figured that nothing would happen, since if he and I were the last two gay men on earth he would probably start looking at all the women and saying “How YOU doin?” That is usually how it happens when I find somebody attractive, after all.

Well…guess what? Two weeks ago I get a phone call from HIM. (be still my beating heart) He said that he’d been talking to some mutual friends and understood that I was currently not seeing anyone. (teehee…inner teenage girl me said…teehee). He asked me if I would be interested in dinner, a movie or going for a drink sometimes. I, in all my urbane wittiness replied. “errrrrrrrrr…ummmmmm…gulp…wh…why sure…that’d be great.”

He asked me out for that following Friday. Asked me over for dinner and to watch a movie even! Well…I left that following Saturday afternoon (blush). He called me the next day and asked me out to lunch. We went to lunch then to his place for errrrrrrrrrr…ummm…dessert.

He called me the next day to say he had a great time over the weekend. (WOOHOO!) I asked him over last Friday for dinner and he said yes (teehee…inner teenage girl…teehee). Since it was a holiday weekend in the USA…he stayed til Saturday afternoon…I went over to his place Saturday night…and left Monday morning (blush). He had to leave Monday afternoon because of work…he travels for work. He called me Monday night from Dallas, TX to tell me he had a great time again and hoped that we’d get together some more.

OK…Swampy is between lust (of course) really liking this man and maybe the unspeakable L word.
FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! I don’t need to do this! Dammit, this man is pushing all my buttons! He’s cute, hairy, handsome, yelled “Who’s Your Daddy Boy!” during sex to which I answered, “You Are Daddy.” And he wants to keep on seeing me. (sigh)

OK…so kinda pointless…but FUCK I don’t wanna fall in love! But he’s all that, a plate of buscuits and the gravy to sop with.

Dopers HELP!!! Tell me I am a fool to wanna fall in love or encourage me. Slap me till I get over it or convince me I should go for it.

DAMMMMMMMMMM he is one hot man. This may be TMI but the sex is some kinda HOT HOMO LOVIN!

Signing off now. Think HE is gonna call soon. <sigh> (teehee…inner teenage girl…teehee)

So what you’re saying is, you’re gay, right?

Love is good. Be in love. For a lifetime or for a little while, love is good.
Lust ain’t that bad, either, luckybear…

Life is short, swampbear - give in to your inner teenage girl and enjoy. But watch the teehee-ing - it doesn’t become you at all!


Enjoy the Ride :wink:

I say go for it. Life is too short to not have love.

In one of my favorite movies, Bedrooms & Hallways, the main character Leo is hesitant about going out with stunningly good-looking Irishman who recently broke up with his girlfriend of 7 years. His roommate Darrin tells him to quit worrying about assurances and guarantees and just enjoy the now.

“All relationships end,” Darrin said. “Either you break up or one of you dies.”

So, I recommend following Darrin’s advice. Enjoy the Moment and the future will take care of itself.

When two people love each other, there can be no happy end to it.
[sub](Didn’t Hemingway write this just before he shot himself?)[/sub]

swampbear, if I can find someone and stay more or less happily married, love can work for anyone. Your love will eventually pass, but all of us will eventually pass. It’s what 'ya do in the meantime that counts.

(Hope that wasn’t too depressing. In any case, go for it!)

That is going to haunt me. :eek:

But don’t be afraid of happiness. Grab on and ride it for as long it lasts…

FCM fortunately (no matter how I spell that word it looks wrong) my inner teenage girl (teehee) has stayed inner thus far.

spooje I could give ya some waaaaay TMI details that’d keep ya up nights for the rest of yer life if ya like. :smiley:

The rest of ya, thanks for the advice. Maybe I will let that fat assed cherub shoot me with an arrow. Or maybe I’ll buy an Uzi and aim it at his fat ass if he comes flittin’ round me.

snooooopy geez…did my post some infer that I might be gay? :eek: Can you say gayer than a debutante ball? Gayer than a weekend in Paris?

BTW he called last night (teehee…inner teenage girl…teehee). Said he’d been thinking about me all day (awwww). Said he’d call when he gets back into town Friday afternoon so we can make plans for the weekend (teehee…shreik!..giggle…rampant inner teenage girl…teehee…shreik…giggle).

Criminy, swampbear, I live with a teenage girl and I’ve never heard sounds coming from her that even vaguely resemble those you’ve shared here. Either she’s abnormal, or… never mind - just enjoy!

Sorry to be a wet blanket, but what you are experiencing, Swampbear, is infatuation, not love. If you are giggling like a schoolgirl and thinking of your new man as ideal, wonderful, and too, too perfect, you might be in the first flush of the “falling in love” stage, but you can’t really love someone after only two weeks.

Love, real love, develops over time, after you’ve gotten over the initial sparks and have gotten to know his darker side–how he has that irritating laugh, how he forgets to put the cap back on the toothpaste, his unfortunate passion for Slim Whitman. Love comes after your first big fight and you realize how big a hole in your life he would leave if you lost him. Love comes when you find that you just can’t get to sleep if he’s not next to you–even if he snores.

Don’t put so much pressure on your relationship with Mr. Wonderful. If you are having fun, if the sex is good, if his company is as stimulating and exciting on his feet as on his back, then enjoy the moment and let things evolve on their own. Don’t crush a burgeoning relationship with the burden of expectation.

And for Liza’s sake, knock off the giggling–it’s embarrassing!

From swampbear:

This is for you swampbear:

That’s from “Voice of the Beehive” off the Album “Honey Lingers”.



make it stop!

Quotes come to mind:

“All you need is love. John Lennon said that. Smart man, shot in the back, very sad.” - Julius Levinson, Independence Day

I’ll give the same advice I give when people ask if they should drink alcohol. Go to it, and good luck!

Seriously though, love is a great thing. Follow your heart, and you can’t go wrong. Here’s a more serious quote from a very wise man.

“Love wins. Love always wins.” - Morrie Schwartz

  1. swampbear, you sound like you found yourself a real hottie. Way to go!

  2. Don’t worry about love, or even infatuation. As others have said, it always ends anyway, so no point in stressing about what might be when you have no real data.

  3. I was never so giggly as a teenage girl :eek:


Okay, maybe not quite that vehemently. I just hate to see a good man fall to the Dark Side, lured by the whispered promises of the Sith of Love.

Well, that and I didn’t even know Swampy was on the market, dammit! And he’s already in someone else’s shopping cart. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, hon, if you’re happy, enjoy. Don’t worry too much about whether you want to fall in love or not…it’s not like most people really spend a lot of time deciding if they want to or not. It just happens. And you almost never expect it.


Infatuation, that’s what it is. Thanks gobear for that word. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is I am in. I am in infatuation.:smiley: Hell, if he can put up with my night shift at the saw mill, suckin’ in the ozone snoring, who knows what it may become.

FCM, sweetie, remember you have ThePerfectChild [sup]TM[/sup] so, of course, she wouldn’t shriek, scream, giggle, teehee. Then again my teehee…inner teenage girl…teehee appears to be full of raging hormones, so what do I know.

Trion thanks for the cool poem/song. I like that a lot. I’ve been walking around all day with “Stupid Cupid” running through my brain.

jayjay should I be put back on the shelf, I promise you’ll be among the first to know :wink:

Thanks everybody who’s shared their comments. I am gonna just enjoy it. Still keeping my eye on that fatassed cherub tho. :eek:

And, um… about the glitter eyeshadow… :smiley:

As for the OP, you know what they say… 'Tis better to have lain and lost…"

Or something like that. :wink:

[teehee…inner teenaged girl…teehee]but…the glittery eyeshadow is like so faaaaaaabulous with the sparklie nail polish and the polyurethaned on bright pink lip gloss. I just haaaaaave to have the glittery eyeshadow. You never let me do what I wanna do! (stomps foot, goes out pouting and gets on cell phone to tell Tiffany and all the Jennifers how mean auntie em is. [/teehee…inner teenaged girl…teehee]

'Tis also better to have hollered out “OH, YES, DADDY! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” :smiley: