Swan genetics

On my lake we have several pairs of white swans (trumpeter swans, I think) wityh cygnets of various ages, one pair of black swans and one solo black swan. I looked it up and it looks like black swans are a seperate breed native to Australia? Can white swans and black swans interbreed? Or is the solo black swan doomed to like a lonely, solitary life? One of my friends swears she saw the solo black swan as a cygnet in a group with white cygnets and thinks the black is a recessive trait. Can that happen? I haven’t been able to find this out via google.

I suspect interbreeding is possible since black swan/canadian goose hybrids have been observed.

Hm, but do they mate for life or is it a case of an opportunistic goose taking advantage of a lonely swan maiden? I would like to see this black swan find a mate but the only opportunities I see are with white swans.

You’ll have to hit **Colibri **up for an answer to that one. I have no idea whether the instinctive pair-bonding process would work inter-species like that even if both species normally behave that way when mating intra-species (which I believe they do).

Yeah, I was figuring the birder Dopers would have some info but no luck yet.