Swapping out my processor chip = no monitor

I have a dell dimension 2350. it has a celeron 2.0 chip. A freind of mine had a spare motherboard with a p4 2.4 chip. Unfortunately the motherboard won’t fit in my case. So I tried swapping the chip out. When I do the computer boots up but my monitor behaves as though it isn’t getting a signal.

Any ideas?

The chip may not be compatible with the motherboard. Sure in may plug in, but that doesn’t mean it’s compatible.

Have you looked at the manufacturer specs for the motherboard and the chip?

To further Duckster’s point, the chip may fit, but it may have a different voltage requirement than the motherboard is supplying to that socket.

(Sometime’s these voltages are a jumper setting on the motherboard. I have fried chips that way…)

Yup. Gotta do some research.

The tech specs for the 2350 make it sound like a P4 should work just fine, since the motherboard uses Intel’s 845GL chipset. How far does the computer really get when it tries to boot? Do you hear the beep indicating the BIOS posted?

The first action you should take is to follow dell’s instructions on troubleshooting and check out the diagnostic lights to try and discover the exact cause of the problem. The only other thing I can recommend to try is re-seating any components you may have jostled when installing the CPU, such as the video card.