Swatch, the official timekeeper of the Olympics

[Disclaimer] I really wasn’t sure where to put this, but this seemed like the best bet. [/disclaimer]

I’ve noticed that for the past few Olympics, the official timekeeper has been Swatch, when in days of yore it would be some relatively high-end watch company such as Omega or Longines. So how is it that this honor has now fallen to Swatch, a name I associate with basic quartz watches that have plastic wrist bands? Or am I wrong? Is there a high end to Swatch? Are they not basic quartz watches after all, but finely tuned mechanical timepieces crafted by Swiss craftsmen?

The selection of the “Official Timekeeper”, or Official Anything for the Olympics has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the product, but everything to do with how much money the company has anted up for the rights.

Yes, there is a high end to Swatch. The company owns Omega, which is one of its “prestige” brands, along with Breguet, Blancpain, Glashutte, Jaquet Droz and Leon Hatot, according to Swatch’s website. Longines is one of Swatch’s “high range” brands, again according to the website.

I’d just really like to see the track and field competitions timed by one of those old giant-sized Swatches (complete with “Swatch-guard” plastic ringy-thing) I used to have on my bedroom wall. :slight_smile:

“And the winner is… oh, hang on, some water’s got in and the plastic’s all misted up…”

That seems to bring things full circle, as it were.