sweat209 is thick as two short planks

Just deleted a reply to Dunning-Kruger poster child, sweat209, in the below linked thread, and created a new more satisfying one here.

No, you’re finding it hard to change your views because you are extremely stupid and unable to realise it. You keep participating in or starting threads where you use utterly wrong premises and made up facts, and after having reality spoon fed you by the saintly patient ones of the SDMB, you then come back two days later spouting the same stupidity having forgot or ignored every obvious flaw pointed out to you and every correction of your bullshit “facts” and …

Just stop trying to think, you’re not any good at it.

I agree that sweat209 is as dumb as a box of hair, but that little arrow in the quote box is a little hard to click, so I’ll just post a nice big link.


For those unfamiliar with our perspiring friend, some previous forays into poor reasoning and an inability to learn:

And that’s not even getting into his treads on personal medical conditions where he refused to go to a doctor to get real answers.

All sweat209 posts say the same thing:

Technology is advancing. But technology isn’t advancing. I am unhappy about this and have poor spelling skills.

Ohhh I remember that one :smack: . . . fractally dumb.

CMC fnord!

I sure hope the 209 isn’t his area code 'cause that puts him near me.

I regret to disagree with our moist and obviously well-read contributor, but “Popular Machines” is the well-known magazine devoted to reviewing top-selling electric sex aids on their famous “5-dildo” rating system, though they have recently started a creative series on how small kitchen appliances can be used as such. They are very popular.

This is the thing. With all these lab rats tests and guinea pigs we have today, why electric sex aids no better today than they were 50 years ago? As our sweltering poster might well ask, where is progress? And as he so eloquently put it when lamenting our lack of “Hologram, landspeeder or Mega vehicle”: Why are we not putting R&D into it?

I believe “Popular Machines” routinely asks the same question.

I think the most recent thread by this person is “What is the difference of Wonderlic Test vs IQ test?”. He/she asks if it’s possible to increase IQ and then quotes stuff from a Wikihow article. Exapno Mapcase was extremely patient in responding to sweat209’s questions.

Sweat209 seems unable to evaluate whether a given website is trustworthy.

Are we sure sweat209 speaks english? This reads like it was translated with bablefish or something.

Definitely bad speller rather than non-english speaker with babelfish. Too many wrong-pick-homophones (or even semi-homophones) for a translation program. Like “weaken” for “weekend” in the OP of the thread crowmanyclouds singled out earlier.

Yes, sweat209 is not a native speaker. No, they aren’t using translation software. I guess you guys missed their posts when they first got here, which were all about needing help understanding English. I’ve seen the spelling problem a lot in places where English is mostly learned verbally.

I have never thought that sweat209 fully understood what people are saying to them, and found it unfortunate that they would try to engage with people here. But I don’t know of a better board to send them to–one that wouldn’t coddle ignorance, but would still be at a more appropriate level.

Still, I find it hard to get mad at them. I more feel sorry for them than anything.


One of the generally-accepted pronouns to use when one is not certain of the gender of the person being referenced.

One of them is bad enough. You mean there’s more of them? Or is it some kind of colony creature?

I thought that would be s/he it.


Well, sure, but when you say “s/he it” out loud, it sounds like you’re swearing. Which might be appropriate in this case, but in general use, not so much.

Well, then don’t say it out loud!