Sweatshirts based on school shootings with simulated bullet holes in them? Sure, great idea!

I wish there was a “Dumb as Fuck” thread, but really?

Somebody approved this :smack:

It’s actually brilliant. Why not use provocative attire to draw attention to the obscenity of school shootings?

There’s got to be a way to do that that doesn’t come off as tacky and exploitative as these shirts, though.


Because it causes additional pain and suffering to the victims of school shootings.

Perhaps. But some of the best ways to communicate is through non verbal means. Imagery is so powerful. I see it as satirical in the the spirit of Jonathan Swift. Maybe I’m wrong and this is just a cynical cash grab that appeals to the nihilistic elements of society.

You know what, you may be right. I might start a line of “Kill all the Police” shirts to draw attention to the obscenity of police brutality against unarmed black men.

We have a society that tolerates so much evil. Inhumane prisons, a corrupt government, too easy of access to firearms, mumble rap, etc that sometimes the only way to move forward on an issue is to keep the shock value high.

Humans don’t seem to make rational decisions. They seem to rationalize emotional decisions that are made subconsciously. So communication needs to address emotional targets.

Have you seen the new PSA put out by Sandy Hook Promise? (Warning: super disturbing!) It’s doing the sort of “shock” approach to the topic you’re advocating, but in a much less douchey way.

Er, I meant “less douchey than the sweatshirts,” not “less douchey than you” there.

I mean…it’s just fucking tacky any way you look at it, and yes, hurtful too. Maybe the families of the victims that died would feel better if they got some free schwag off this deal or something.

And I believe that was done by a parent of one of the victims.

Not thrilled that someone is profiting from the sweatshirt sales but I think it is good to show how absurd it is that school shootings have become normal.

Powerful commercial. That’s how you do it.

Do you have something that’s NOT behind a paywall?

That behind said, I’m reminded of a few years back when Abercrombie and Fitch (I THINK) had those paint-splattered Kent State sweatshirts, that looked like blood.

[Just in time for Halloween.

If their clothing line wasn’t tacky enough, they decided to add this on for good measure:


2 points for developing a wearable meme to put school shootings, which we do nothing about, in the public’s face
-8 points for capitalizing, mundanifying (it’s a word) horror

But this is low-hanging fruit for the sweater guys. Better still would be Kevlar letterman jackets sold to the current, unshot students of all schools. It’s one thing to hear about your kid going through an active shooter drill–you can forget that while you’re making dinner or whatever. But actually dressing your kid for combat every morning, well that might make the threat more real.

It was Urban Outfitter.