Sweaty Movies

Remember the first episode of Cheers? Diane got stood up at the bar, and found herself in the middle of an important discussion among the regulars, i.e., What’s the sweatiest movie of all time?

I’d have to say Hud. They sweated bullets out there on the road.

What do you say?

If I remember correctly, they decided on Cool Hand Luke. Hard to disagree with that.

My favorite sweaty movie is “Body Heat” - living in a big mansion in Florida, you’d think they could afford A/C. :wink:

RA, I stand before you ashamed and corrected. The movie was indeed Cool Hand Luke. Moral: If you can remember the first episode of Cheers, you are missing too many brain cells in 2001.

Alien is another one.

“Rocky II” was another possibility mentioned by the barflies. It was quite sweaty as well.

As a slight (read, “major”) hijack, can you name the original guy that ditched Diane at Cheers?

Sumner? Sloane, I think?

Yep, that was it.

“A Time to Kill”. People are literally drenched with sweat throughout this movie.

Does a video of a Tom Jones concert qualify? If so, it wins. Hands down. We’re talking buckets of sweat, ladies. Hoo-ah.

I nominate Exorcist II: The Heretic. From the review:

Airplane! had lots of sight-gag sweat in it. It would probably win on volume of actual liquid sweat.

If memory serves, Raging Bull was also pretty drenched. Nothing like a boxing movie to show sweat flying around in slow motion.

I dare you to find a dry forehead in Top Gun.