Swedish Christmas Straw Goat Burns Again


The Straw Goat is traditional in Sweden (which I did not know), but torching it has apparently become a tradition of its own. The goat is not supposed to be torched. Yet, despite the fact that someone tries to do this every year, they haven’t tried making it out of non-flammable materials. They tried fireproofing it, but gave that up when the fireproofing discolored it. (What do you call it when you do the same thing repeatedly, while hoping for a different outcome?)

My favorite part, at the end, of course:

It’s only natural. Since Burning Man is held around the summer solstice, it stands to reason that Burning Goat should be built around the winter solstice.

These things should be built on the Equinoxes, of course…

“Vandals are seldom caught, but in 2001, a 51-year-old visitor from Cleveland, Ohio, spent 18 days in jail for setting it ablaze.”

One would THINK a 51 year old would have enough sense to not set public property ablaze in a foreign country…

Santa and the Gingerbread Man? It’s amazing they didn’t set themselves on fire with the amount of flammable material in those costumes!

I was thinking he had traveled there just to set fire to the goat…

Some people just make me go :confused:

“You were arrested grandpa?! What for?!”

"Goat burning. "

I thought you were Going to say some people just get your goat.

Ha! So that is why we have a little straw goat christmas tree decoration! [my parents had a swedish student visit them back in the early 60s for a month] It must have been a visitors gift. :slight_smile:

We have some strange christmas tree decorations that my parents got over the years, manay of which my brother and I have absolutely no explaination of, and my mom is crackers and doesnt remember her breakfast let alone some obscure christmas decoration.

I’m afraid that if they got it, they’d set fire to it…

I burning your goat…

You have to admit, the Concrete Goat would probably be much less practical.

If I remember correctly, he claimed to have believed it was a perfectly legal tradition. I’m not sure if that would make him less stupid, or more.

“What’s you in for Gramps?”
“Goat-burning rap.”

Poor guy. Have you heard how fellow prisoners treat goataphiles?

Who was it who said that, if you do an Internet search for “people setting goats on fire” porn, you’ll get a prompt asking what kind of goat?