Sweet Nothings

As I was leaving to go back to work after lunch today my darling husband said these words to me: (imagine it with a strong Long Island accent)

“Drive carefully and good luck with your tits.”

What a charmer. :smiley:

I’m having a mammogram today

Thank you for that last sentence as I was afeared breasts had made some amazing advances in dexterity since I’d last been exposed to them.

Breasts on the sterring wheel… 10 and 2 o’clock.

Oh, and very best of luck!

:eek: I had never really thought of driving with my breasts, thanks for the visual lieu I tell you what, if the air bag deploys that’s gonna leave a mark.

Hijack: There’s a Long Island accent? Is there a difference between this and a NYC accent (or an NY accent in general)?

There’s a distinct difference between the buroughs. Long Island still sounds like a NY accent but not quite the same as a Bronx accent (think Archie Bunker from All in the Family) or a Brooklyn accent. Subtle differences but if you hang around New Yorkers long enough you’ll hear the difference.

Oh, and never confuse a New York accent with New Jersey. They hate NJ.

Meanwhile, my tits are fine (ask anyone :wink: ) The mammogram was quick and as painless as having your tits squished between two hard plastic plates could be. I get the results in about 10 days.

My very best friend is having a biopsy on a mass they found during her last mammogram which encouraged me to go for mine since I’ve conveniently forgotten the last 3 years in a row. I’m really hoping that they don’t find anything and really worried that they will.

Getting old sucks sometimes.

That was supposed to be boroughs. I thought it looked funny.

Archie Bunker lived in Queens. I suppose he could still have had a Brooklyn accent, although I think of it as being much more in-your-face (for lack of a better term). Practice saying “can’t you see I’m walking here!” until people get out of your way and you’ve got it.

In my mind, I can only hear a Long Island accent for a woman. Larry, Darryl and Darryl’s wives on the last episode of Newhart, or the Coffee Talk sketches on Saturday Night Live.

And best of luck with your test results.

Archie lived in Queens? Shows what I know. :o

My husband can (and will when provoked) give an entire dissertation on the various accents. Seems to me there’s been discussion about it here as well.

We have an ongoing argument about the pronounciation of the name Harry which to me sounds the same as hairy but to him is distinctly different. Good times. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the well wishes.

Hijack alert.
My wife taped this for me (they just ran the last Newhart episode recently), and my eye was caught by those three wives.
The middle one, Sada, was played by…

Lisa Kudrow.

Lisa Kudrow, long before Phoebe, with Big Jersey Hair and an appalling NY accent.

End of Hijack.

Of course, there’s different types of Long Island Accent. There’s Up Island ** and there’s East End. Here’s a hint: East Enders don’t say Lawn Guyland and they don’t say Shopping Mwall.

OK, OK, I’m from the East…
And velvetjones, breast of luck! :smiley:

If you’re driving with your boobs, I say the airbags have already deployed. :wink:

And if you say “Lawn Island” that’s a MichiganYork accent.

Well, the airbags have certainly been deployed in this thread.

Yes, yes they have.

For anyone who’s interested my friend who went for the biopsy today ended up not getting a biopsy at all but a second, more specific, mammogram and an ultrasound. Turned out the blip on the radar was a lymph node that they’re going to watch for a while. Nothing to biopsy yet.

She’s at the bar sipping Margaritas as I type this. I’m just happy it turned out to be a smallish thing.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled hijack already in progress.

SkipMagic I take offense at my tetons being referred to as any kind of “bags”. I may be getting old but the truth still hurts.