Swelling from an old injury?

About a year or so ago, I slipped and fell while mowing the grass, injuring my left ankle. The pain from the twisting has been gone for a long time, but it still swells almost daily.

Oddly enough, at least to me, if I do a lot of walking, it doesn’t happen. But if my days are sedentary, it gets rather large. In fact, the skin feels stretched. I didn’t think to mention it when I went in for my annual physical, but I’m thinking maybe I need to go talk to the Dr about it.

So, to get to my point… Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Is it unusual for healing to take this long? Since I do use my legs every day, does that keep the situation aggravated?

There’s no pain, I can walk just fine, and I can do my workout at the Y just fine. My right ankle is as dainty as ever. I would hate to take sick time if this is just me being a slow healer. But I need to decide - does this merit an appointment of its own, or can I wait till some other health crisis emerges? What would you do if your ankle was acting like this?

I broke my heel (one part of the ankle joint) 7 years ago. It still swells very damn day. Some days it gets so stiff I can barely walk. :frowning:

Badly pulled a muscle in my knee over a year ago. After playing soccer over an extended period of time, it gets aggravated. I can literally do anything except play soccer. I’ve also had ankle problems in the past.

Severe sprains and strains can take 8-12 months to heal. During the healing process it is easy to re-injure the ligament or muscle. Here’s some basic info on sprains and strains. I’d definately say you should talk to your doctor.

I hate the itching, but I don’t mind the swelling.

When I was 9 I took a line-drive baseball to the crotch. This morning when I first woke up I noticed that it…

(Sorry, FCM, don’t mean to make light of your ankle. Hope it is OK.)

I was circumcised while a baby and I still get routine swelling.

Ahem… so are the comedians done?? :smiley:

Thanks for the link, Homebrew - I actually learned a few things.

I just spent most of today working outside - building a small platform, then raking and seeding my yard. There’s a little swelling, but not as much as yesterday when I pretty much sat around all day. Very weird to my mind. But there’s no pain, no stiffness, range of motion seems normal. That’s why I forget about it most of the time. I’ve got a followup Dr appointment coming up fairly soon - I think I’ll just hold off till then. No sense paying 2 copays.

Thanks for the info - and the giggles.