Swimming, Dogs, Humans

How come dogs already know how to swim? Dogs know how because of their ancient ancestors, correct? Then shouldn’t humans know from their ancient ancestors too? Or is it that we really had no need to swim?

Or can some races of people learn how to swim faster or easier because their ancestors needed to swim to survive and others didn’t.

Or is it that dogs can’t move their front legs a full 360 degrees and don’t know how to manipulate their body parts like humans do so that they can only swim one way which they pick up really easily?

Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense!


I don’t think prehistoric man swam on a regular basis, if at all. He evolved in some of the more arid climates of the world.

Actually all humans know how to swim by default. It’s something we sort of ‘unlearn’ as we grow older. If you need proof of this dig up some video of newborns (and I literally mean any child from the second they are born to a year old) swimming. They do great. They know to hold their breath and ‘dog paddle’ to get around. As we grown older we learn a fear of water unless we are taught to swim. Take it from a former lifeguard/avid scuba diver/avid anything to do with water that most drownings are caused by panic. In general people float naturally (some body builders have such a low bodyfat percentage that they sink unless they swim). If people relaxed they could bob at the surface for hours without fear of drowning.

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