Swimming two different strokes at the Olympics

If a swimmer were to swim two different strokes, which two would be most likely? I’d guess free and something, probably fly?

I would say based upon what I’ve seen in the last few years it would usually be either free/fly, free/back, or free/IM. I can’t think of any breast strokers that also swim free. The only other combination is probably fly/IM. There isn’t a whole lot of cross swimming except a few swimmers and those are the ones they show a lot of.

I know around here someone will come through and point out a few others, that’s just what I have noticed. I see the same thing in Masters swimming as well, the breast strokers usually only like that one stroke.

I also heard that if you don’t learn the fly young, you’ll probably never learn it.

That’s not true. I didn’t swim the fly until I was 15/16 and it’s my second favorite stroke after free. I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older as well.