"Swimming With Sharks"

I just recently saw “Swimming With Sharks” for the first time which stars Kevin Spacey & Frank Whaley. I watched the whole movie with great tension & excitement only to be bitterly disappointed by the ending! Basically, I didn’t get it! Why’d he shoot the girl? Was it a scam? Did he mean to shoot “Buddy” and misfire? If anyone can explain this movie to me or what they think it’s all about, I’d be grateful for any opinions!!

He showed his true colors. He revealed himself to be another Buddy. Even though he came there to kill Buddy, he decided instead to kill the girl and follow Buddy up the ladder of success. And why is Buddy willing to again work with a guy who tortured the crap out of him? Probably because he is amused and pleased with himself for how he turned a naive goofball into a hardened game player.

Liked the movie, I think Snooooooooooooooopy hit the nail on the head.

Awesome movie, before Spacey went all goopy.

You’ve got to love pouring hot sauce into the paper cuts. I have filed this away in case I ever get around to drafting my enemies list.

Oh, and another thing. Why did Dawn go to Buddy’s house in the first place? She said she did it for Guy. Don’t understand that either.

It’s been years since I saw the flick, but as I recall she was there because she was sleeping with Buddy.

And I, for one, totally didn’t buy the ending. No way would Buddy have gone on working with Frank Whaley’s character; within a week he’d have found a way to at least end his career, if not have him killed.

Still, up until then I thought it was a nice portrayal of every clockwatcher’s revenge fantasy. Mmmm, revenge fantasy…

Yes, I didn’t buy the ending at all but I guess the movie-makers wanted to give us “what we least expected”. I know I could never forgive someone for torturing me physically & psychologically - the second the restraints were off I’d of taken to Guy with a baseball bat/knife/whatever I could lay my hands on. Yeah, I think you’re right about Dawn sleeping with Buddy. But was she trying to climb the corporate ladder or was she doing it on Guy’s behalf? Hmmmm… As for revenge fantasy. I’ve had some shit bosses over the years but certainly couldn’t put them thru what Guy put Buddy thru. Inhumane!! As for ex-boyfriends … well, that’s another story!! :slight_smile: