Swing and a miss on a bounced pitch?

Here is the rule as I found it. It’s clear enough except for the part about swinging after two strikes, what does it mean, “…ball cannot be caught”?

“A BALL is a pitch which does not enter the strike zone in flight and is not struck at by the batter. If the pitch touches the ground and bounces through the strike zone it is a “ball.” If such a pitch touches the batter, he shall be awarded first base. If the batter swings at such a pitch after two strikes, the ball cannot be caught. If the batter hits such a pitch, the ensuing action shall be the same as if he hit the ball in flight.”


I think this is referring to the rule of the dropped third strike. In order for a strikeout to count, the catcher must cleanly field the ball. If he drops it, the batter can make an attempt to run to first base, and must be thrown out or tagged out.

If a pitch bounces, it cannot be a caught third strike, so if the batter foul tips it and the catcher holds on it is not strike 3. If he swings and misses, it’s treated like a dropped third strike. Batter can try for first unless first base is occupied and there are fewer than two outs.