Swing away grill

I finally got me a fancier charcoal broiler and it has what they term a “swing away grill” – that is a secondary grill of full width and half the depth attached to the lid in such away that when the lid is closed, it’s more or less centered over the main grill about two inches above same, and when the lid is open, it moves up and back so you have access to both the main grill and the secondary.*

Other than the usual safety instructions there are no directions with the grill, not that you need any but for one thing: What do you do with the swing away grill? I suppose you could cook something more delicate on it, but who does salmon and chicken at the same time? Also whatever’s up there would drip on whatever’s down there. Is it for vegetables? Toasting the burger buns at the same time as the burgers are cooking? Infusing the kids’ burgers with essence of your steak?

So tell me, grilling mavens; what is the “swing away grill” useful for, other than inflating the square inches of grill label on the carton?

*What a helluva diagram that sentence would make.

Hey buddy, you’re committing a serious man foul right now. Don’t ask, just get out there and experiment with that thing. I suggest several pounds of dead animal and some simple carbohydrates, washed down with American beer.

ok, don’t tell anyone I told you this, but I do hot dogs up there. They burn really fast on the bottom. Have fun!

Yeah, I use it for brats. And beans. And anything you want to cook with less direct heat.

Thanks, guys. And I was certainly going to experiment, Cisco. How else could I find out how hot is hot and how even the heat is distributed. But there’s no point in reinventing the wheel now, is there?