Swiss coins

In last week’s Staff Report on Switzerland, at, our own Arnold W. wrote:

I must protest, sir! That should be the former 50 centime, 1 franc and 2 franc coins. Switzerland switched over to the Euro a couple of years ago.

Um … oh, wait.

No it didn’t.

Erm … maybe this whole thread should be deleted. :o




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NO it will never be deleted!! You’ll never live it down.
Heheh I suppose the error you made is obvious to you now, right?

Switzerland isn’t part of the EU much less the European Econmic Union!!!

But just think how good-looking the designs on the obverse of Swiss Euros would be! They could have, like, pictures of Swiss Army knives and cuckoo clocks on them, and stuff. And Swiss chocolate, of course. And the cheese with the holes in it.