Swiss Pension Problem??

Friend’s grandmother started to receive money from Switzerland this year.

The story as he understands it is that they used to require that pension income be spent in Switzerland so they didn’t pay it out to US citizens until they came back to Switzerland. Apparently that changed.

I understand that there was a whole rigamaroll about foreign bank accounts this year and I’m wondering if the two situations are related.

I’m thinking that possibly the money was always paid to her Swiss bank account and now they can’t do that anymore. Friend says grandma never had an account.

If they are in error I’d like to be able to tell them thay had better figure things out before Uncle Sam gets after them.

I’m not even sure I understand what your question is, but my mother’s aunt has been receiving her Swiss pension in Spain since the 1980s. I understand she used to get cheques, now it’s e-transferred directly into her Spanish bank account. She doesn’t have a Swiss bank account (she closed it when she left Switzerland).

My question is as to whether there may have been a swiss account all along in which payments were being deposited. If so, grandma should have been reporting the income.

It seems odd that the Swiss wouldn’t have paid her unless she was in Switzerland.