Switching from DirecTV to Dish TV

I have been moderately unhappy with DirecTV for some time now but never so much to want to leave. That has changed. To preface, I have been a subscriber for over a decade and have all of the movie and sports channels so I spend over $100/month on DTV. My receiver was stolen but was recovered 3 days later.

  1. Yes I know I reported it stolen but it is currently sitting in the Sheriff’s evidence locker so you shouldn’t charge me the $250 for having it stolen. Oh and Gupta (my customer service rep), do you really have to ask me FOUR TIMES in one phone call “Where is the receiver being right now?”

  2. When I call you to find out if a certain receiver on eBay is leased or own, how can I give the same RID to two different customer service people and get two different answers?

  3. You know I’m missing one receiver right now, so how come you didn’t tell me when I requested the mover’s package that you could only wire one room and that I would need a second receiver to wire that room which will now have to be later at an additional cost. Oh and it has nothing to do with the physical installation, but is an administrative feature to track IDs - which you get the first time the receiver accesses the network and is in your records to begin with.

  4. 10 years x 12 months x $100+ => over $12,000 I’ve spent on your guys’ programming so you can’t cut me any break in all of this?

It’ll be interesting to see what they offer when I officially cut off the service.

We dumped them last fall. At the time, we had the full package, including all the movie channels – the bill was something like $150 a month. We’d been customers for about 15 years.

We started having trouble getting the local channels (neighbor’s trees). We didn’t really care about “local”, we just wanted the major networks. A tech came out and said our only option was placing the dish on the roof, but because our house is a high two-story, they wouldn’t guarantee maintenance in winter.

I asked if we could dump the local channels and go with the east/west coast ABC, NBC, etc. Nope, if local channels are available, you either take them or go without.

Football season starts and we can’t get any games. I go on line and get the NFL season ticket, only to learn 10 minutes in that if a game is available on the local channel, it’s blacked out on season ticket. I immediately call DTV to explain what happened and cancel season ticket. Nope. You signed up, you gotta pay.

So for the sake of $300 (or whatever the season ticket cost), they were willing to lose $150 a month.

I cancelled DTV and customer service started calling the next day. I finally had to get rude and hang up on them.

We have cable now. $50 a month. DTV can suck it.

There are some forums at dbstalk.com that are quite serious. They can probably answer any questions you may have about switching.

In fairness to DirecTV though, it wasn’t their fault your receiver was stolen either. Their customer service sounds clueless though. Hopefully outsourcing is on its way out.
I had the same sort of experience with Tivo, I am very happy with their service and equipment but when my old series 2 Tivo died (after probably 8 years) I called them about getting a replacement. $200 was the best they would do for a new box. I told them money was tight and it was worth $100 to me. They wouldn’t budge on price even though I pay them $12 per month for the first Tivo plus $8 per month for the second. So I dropped the second Tivo service and a year later they’ve already lost more than the $100 price difference. I purposely pay monthly rather than buying the lifetime subscriptions because I want the service to succeed.

I like Dish. When we were having trouble making payments due to a financial situation, they noticed that we were effectively paying to own our receivers. I expected to be able to get out of that. I did not expect them to then retroactively take all the money we had paid towards that so that we were completely covered.

I also find that DirectTV takes longer to start up, and longer to flip between channels. If I still had TV, I would almost certainly have Dish.

Wow. That was a large expense when I had Dish. Did you still have to pay a fee to use the DVR?

I have had Dish since 1997, and so far only a couple of problems that were solved with a fastness when I threatened cancelletion. The problems were of the “why do new subscribers get better equipment” kind, not technical problems. I have never had a problem with the installers, and the one time I had equipment trouble someone brought me a new receiver for free.

I have the “Everything Pak” with basically all the standard channels, HD channels, premiums, Dish Platinum (cuz I MUST have Sundance), plus 2 HD DVRs (TV for 4 rooms) in my house and for all that I pay $140. You can get way better deals, but TV is the main source of entertainment for my household so we pay for the whole deal.

If you call and tell them you want to switch from DirecTV, I bet they will give you a great deal.