Sydney club now famous... for all the wrong reasons

Anyone living in the eastern suburbs of Sydney knows about Coogee, a suburb well known for its beach and proximity to, among other things the University of New South Wales. So, it’s a popular destinatin for uni students and old men looking for uni students. :slight_smile:

Right on the beach is the Coogee Bay Hotel, a large club with lots of bars, courtyards, dance floors and function rooms. A nice joint frequented by less than classy individuals, a lot of the time.

So imagine my surprise when I hears this story:,22049,24558534-5001021,00.html
Note: not for the squeamish

This saga keeps evolving, and knowing how these stories spread Coogee Bay Hotel will see a serious downturn in business before too long.

There is more I can say, but these stories speak for themselves.

Oh my God I had lunch there.

*Before too long *eh?? I’d say the pub is truly fucked now actually. The original story went national last night, and with the follow up today…well, let’s just say that it’s a really crap thing for the staff to do, if the allegations are true.

Here’s hoping the business survives the shitstorm to follow.


The place hasn’t been shut down by the authorities?

No one knows if it really happened. It’s just they say this and the hotel says that at the moment.

So what, you may ask, was the first line of the linked story?

“The plop has thickened…”

Well played, sir. Well played.


Good. I hope they close the shithole down.

I’ve done some work with a number of focus groups discussing the international backpacker scene in Sydney. These involved stakeholders suck as backpackers themselves, residents, hostel owners, publicans (pub landlords), councillors, etc. I also know somebody who sold a beachfront Coogee apartment at a loss because of the trashing of the suburb by young, drunken idiots.

All I can say is that with the assaults, stabbings, glassings, rapes, puke on the streets, piss in the doorways, stairwells, and elevators, these big “young crowd” beer barns with 24 hour licences need razing to the ground.

And I say that as somebody who likes pubs.