Symbionese Liberation Army

Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army. Is there a country called Symbionia that I haven’t heard of? What exactly does it mean to be Symbionese, and why do they need to be liberated?

The Symbionese are a “theoretical” group, the name derived from symbiotic, describing interaction between species for mutual benefit. The Symbionese represents a symbol for oppressed people everywhere. They were a splinter of a splinter of the SDS/Weathermen movement, and were as crazy as a shithouse mouse.

Yes, the members of the SLA actually thought that upper-middle class white leftists with bachelor degrees in political philosophy, had something in common with poor minorities. Hence the “sybiosis”.

Also, it was briefly the name of my band.

And for those who still need some historical context, let’s not forget that the SLA never numbered more than maybe 20 during it’s entire existence.

I’ve always respected their actions and concerns for conjoined twins worldwide…oh wait, that was the Siamese Liberation Army… my mistake