Synonym for "Furry'

A question from this thread:
Is there a synonym for “Furry” as in: giving animal like characteristics to a human?



I think that’s the opposite of what the OP is looking for, since anthropomorphism is giving human characteristics to animals/objects.


nailed it

Since it’s specifically to humans, rather than everything in general, wouldn’t it be anthropotheriomorphism?


I don’t make fun of your fetishes.

Often “attractive”. :wink:

“Zoanthropy”, but you can also be more specific like “lycanthropy”, “ailuranthropy”, or (my personal favorite) “teuthropy” (a were-squid).

I make fun of my own fetishes, thank you very much. Who better to understand just how absurd they actually are?

(Disclaimer: “Furry” is not one of my interests, though I do not feel it is any more intrinsically silly than any other given hobby.)


‘Freak’ is a very subjective word and in the sphere of human sexuality often one man’s peccadilloes may seem bizarre to next man.

That said if there is any objective standard of freakishnes then furries fall well inside it.

Tricky, since the furry community itself is incredibly diverse. It can be as mild as the Playboy Bunny – an ordinary woman wearing fake ears – all the way to full-blown bestiality.

It’s hard to fit one bell curve “inside” another…and both “furry” and “freaky” are very broad bell-shaped curves.


P.S. I almost named “furry” fandom! It was (according to animation historian Fred Patten) named by Craig Hilton (who does the “Doc Rat” online comic strip.) At the same time, I was calling it “fuzzy” fandom. Missed it by that much!

Oh, goody. I get to be the one to share the Geek Hierarchy:

Free advice: wear black on the 25th.
See, if you’re a were-squid, you might change at the full moon. And have an ink accident.

Isn’t there some tentacle-porn thing in Japan, with origins way before Manga?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

yep, 1814