Synthesizing methamphetamine in a soda bottle?

I have seen this claim pop up in the media, that there is a “new” method of synthesizing methamphetamine that requires only a soda bottle and the reagents, you don’t even need to extract the pseudoephedrine from pills just throw them in shake with reagents and consume!

I have basic chemistry knowledge and know the basic outline for how to synthesize methamphetamine, I can’t understand how it could be possible in a single container since acid/base extractions are involved. Even if it was somehow possible how on earth could you safely consume something with the reagents still present without extraction?

Yet people will swear it works man! :dubious:

I’m thinking this is some kind of media myth, OR law enforcement disinfo used as probable cause for a search(who doesn’t have a soda bottle in their car?!?).

No news article ever goes into the facts, even when readers express extreme skepticism in the comments.

Maybe they are getting the wires crossed with Desomorphine (Krokodile).

it sounds like that could be synthesized as you describe, from codeine pills and yes it’s highly toxic from leftover reagents but the type of people that use it don’t seem to care.

I don’t wanna give any directions, but an episode of A&E’s *Intervention * definitely showed some addicts doing this. Lithium-Ion cellphone batteries were also used in the bottles, for their chemical Lithium, not for any electrical use…

In this book, the writer talks about it being a common occurrence in the small town Midwest. People riding bicycles while shaking 2 liter soda bottles full of chemicals.
Hype? No first hand knowledge on my part. But the chemistry is simple enough to where you ought to be able to do it in a pop bottle, especially if you don’t care about quality, impurities, or overall safety. Pseudephedrine is very close to meth aleady, so the steps to get there aren’t that complicated.

Krokodil is a whole nother thing. As far as I know, hasn’t made it to the States yet. Using the stuff is a whole level of degradation beyond using meth. (That shouldn’t even be possible, but it is. Krokodil is the worst of the worst.)

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