T-1000 As A Processor Cooler?

Liquid metal to cool your PC.

You are aware of the obvious references to the “Terminator” trilogy, no?

Anyone putting liquid metal near the CPU of a computer system deserves a smack upside the head. You’re just one step closer to making SkyNET self-aware. :smack:

. . . and that my friends, would really, really suck.

:::Waits for Tripler to remember the number of the character Robert Patrick played in T2.:::

Yeah . . . I do . . .

:: Waits for Tuckerfan to admit, putting Robert Patrick near a CPU might be a bad thing, especially after “Fire In the Sky” ::

. . . but I can watch “Striptease” over and over and over. . .

I wonder what metal it uses - mercury? It says nuclear reactors use similar technology, but I don’t think processors get hot enough to melt the same types of coolant.

What could it be but mercury, unless they’re referring to some sort of metallic colloidal fluid… I hope this company will be initiating a recycling program of its products, so that this coolant system doesn’t end up further polluting the environment. (Just what we needed, still more-toxic high-tech garbage disposal problems!)

As a WAG, I’d guess that it’d use some form of ferro-fluid, since those were originally looked at for keeping the Apollo capsules cool.

I highly doubt they would use mercury - too much of a disposal hazard. My bet is on a gallium-indium alloy - some of them are liquid at 20 degrees F, IIRC.